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If you’re reading this article about Eli review, we can be assured that you’re into online courses and online course tools. This article will be about how the site helps learners and creates a more interactive and Informative feedback-based study process. 

This United States-based site is a newly emerging site with its motive to better understand learners and guides by promoting effective feedback and thinking skills.

What is the Elireview.com?

Eli review is a platform that instructors make for institutions, students, and teachers to promote effective feedback and practical thinking skills and help them to run feedback-based classrooms. It is a course tool that allows a variety of range of classes and grades. 


Whether students are making or editing writing-to-learn responses or drafts, it helps students get more from practical learning methods from their instructors.

How the Elireview com works?

It works in 5 different categories, or it can also be said otherwise as 5 separate steps which are categorized into-

  1. Assigning and working on small bits
  2. Helping and providing feedback
  3. Processing the feedback
  4. Planning revision with a guidance
  5. Analysis and recapitulate.

How do the Elireview(dot)com steps work?

Now, we’ll discuss the details of the steps that are essential for teachers and students.


Assigning and working on small bits: Make scaled-down composing undertakings in it to assist with directing the understudies by enormous activities and concentrate on learning objectives. You can arrange edit-audit-review to support all the more convenient results and updates.

Helping and providing feedback: Eli lets you take surveys, checklists, and prompts in any mix to coordinate learning objectives. One can even organize, write, review, and reexamine cycles to empower more opportune results and update accordingly.

Processing the feedback: With Eli Review, one can see developmental information continuously while a survey is continuing. One can utilize this data to make evidence-based decisions concerning how and when to mentor students and teachers toward progress.


Planning revision with guidance: Modification plans are an excellent spot for direct understudies’ update needs. Remark on understudies intends to assert scholar’s decisions or divert them. This does the time-updated work of handling correction of understudies quicker and guarantees that your recommendation will affect understudies learning.

Analysis and Recapitulate: Perceive how drawn-in understudies are in the creative cycle with Elis logical results. Change the showing objectives on the fly in case understudies are progressing admirably, or give a couple of authors a bump to change their concentration.


  • Email address: support(at)elireview(dot)com 
  • Twitter Id: twitter(dot)com/elireview
  • Facebook id: facebook(dot)com/elireview
  • Purchasing price for students: $12.50 for 3 months; $19.95 for 6 months; $29.95 for 1 year
  • Trial options: available
  • Payment methods: PayPal.
  • Suitable for: Teachers, Students, Institution, Researchers.

Is Eli review legit?

Let us discuss some points which will help us to determine whether the site is legit or not:

  • Elireview.com has social media presence with accounts on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Eli review team accepts calling and mailing if You need assistance or if you have any questions. You can contact them.
  • The company also have their app.
  • The site provides an overview and guides both for students as well as for the instructor.
  • The site also provides various help and tutorials for the sake of learning.
  • Keeping all these points in mind, we can be assured that the site is legit, and there are fewer chances that you’ll be deceived by using the site.

Are there any reviews of elireview com?


Yes, many users have given their suggestions and reviews over the internet, and most of them have mentioned that the site has been helpful for various projects and assignments. 

However, after our research, we found out that the website is not having many users, and only a few people use it for personal uses. Other users mentioned the site as helpful and friendly. Some have also said it is a site that helps them with their assignments and better understanding.


Overall, our research found out that users from the United States and other countries said that the site is helpful. However, not many users are seen to use the site. The motive of the site is good, which is to create a better learning and understanding environment for instructors and learners. 

Do drop your valuable suggestions in our comment section and stay tuned to know more about such websites.

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