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Want to know who is kat McNamara boyfriend? Know all the details about her Ex, Bio, Children, Parents & more.

Celebrities are the ones who entertain their fans, and fans are equally interested in the world of their favorite celebrities. There are pros and cons of being a celebrity in its place. This article will discuss a celebrity and will try to find out the truth behind her love life, whether she is in a relationship with someone or not.

The lives of Actors are never limited to the screen; there are many things for which they are known other than acting. Their fans want to know every personal detail, from their favorite color to the shoe brand they prefer. This article will also discuss the personal information of kat McNamara boyfriend.

About Kat Mcnamara


Katherine Grace McNamara (born November 22, 1995) is an American entertainer known for playing Clary Fray on the heavenly dramatization TV show Shadowhunters (2016–2019) and Mia Smoak in the hero arrangement Arrow (2018–2020). She has additionally featured as Julie Lawry in the dystopian miniseries The Stand. This article will reveal Kat Mcnamara boyfriend,their compatibility, and her career.

Her role in Arrow-verse

She was immensely praised for her role of Mia Queen that is the daughter of Arrow. She is taking her father’s legacy, Green Arrow, further in season seven after the series Flash-forwards by highlighting the current events that could affect if somebody messes with the timeline and the Flashpoint. 

In one of her interviews, Kat mentioned that she loved her role as this is the only thing she wanted by stepping into the Arrow’s shoes, suiting up, and saving the Start City.  

Kat Macnamara Relationships


The actress is an enormously famous personality and has been acting in recently active TV shows. She was reported to be in relationships twice. Although, stars do have secret lives as they have to maintain privacy away from public life.

The actress Kat Mcnamara boyfriend is an Actor Pierson Fode. The couple began dating in 2016 and have been together for around 4 years, but there are no further signs of her dating this actor. The actor was also reported to be in a relationship with another actress in 2017. That’s when the fans thought that Kat and Pierson are no more in a relationship.

Before Pierson Fode, Kat was in a relationship with her co-actor Joel Courtney. He is a 25-year-old actor born on January 31, 1996. Both were recorded dating in the year 2011, and they ended the relationship in the same year. This actor is known for his film Super 8 and his starring role in a famous Netflix film, The Kissing Booth.

Rumors about Kat Mcnamara Boyfriend


There are still rumors running in the industry that Kat is still dating his recent boyfriend Pierson as they have had a long relationship and a strong bond of 4 years. 

She has also shared some tweets saying that they are spending time together during the pandemic, and they have been watching Netflix past the time.

Spending quality time with a partner is an everyday activity. Even if they do not confess on the relationship part, the fans are eager to know the truth about the relationship status of Kat Mcnamara. 


Pierson Fode is a 30-year-old American Actor born on November 6, 1990. He started his career in 2012 and is known for Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List in 2013.

Kat McNamara & Peirson Fode Bio

Looking at the details, both of them have a strong and popular career in the field of acting. This clearly shows their common interest. 

Also, both of them like to watch Netflix and spend pass time together. Below are some details about both of them-

DetailsKat McNamaraPeirson Fode
Height195 cm164 cm
Hair ColorLight BrownBlonde
Eye ColorBlueGreen
Favourite ColourBlueHazel
Marital StatusUnmarriedUnmarried
AwardsTeen Choice Awards 2016 People’s Choice and Teen Choice 2018 Teen Choice Award 2019Daytime Emmy Award 2016 and 2017


As we can see, there are many interesting facts about this actress and the actors related to the actress. I hope the readers found this article interesting too. Let us know your thoughts, and feel free to write us back.

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