What is Rumble dot com?


Wondering what is rumble dot com. We are here to sort out this puzzle by providing detailed insight into the platform, explaining its functioning, and providing its specifications. 

Rumble’s online presence increased drastically in the United States when the political parties started praising and comparing it to its giant competitors. Online Platforms like Rumble are a great success today with substantial social media and online presence. Rumble’s monthly user count increased drastically from 1.6 million users to 31.9 million by the first quarter of 2021 ended. They have been performing well in the last few months but need to put in more work to ace the online game.

What is rumble.com?


Rumble is an online video streaming platform founded in 2013 and gained significant traction during 2020. They cater to the global community and are available worldwide. Moreover, they let users make money on their platform by hosting, managing and creating OTT feeds and content for monetary gains. To know further in detail about what is rumble.com, keep reading.

To know more about what is rumble dot com, please continue reading.


  • Contact Address – They do not have any specific contact address mentioned on the website. 
  • Customer Care Number – There is no customer care number provided on the website.
  • Email Address – BD@rumble.com
  • Payment Method – This is a free website where there is no subscription fee. 
  • Category of the Website – this is an online platform just like youtube where users can create accounts to post videos and earn money.
  • Website address – www.rumble.com

Pros of rumble.com

  • It is a free website with no subscription fee
  • It is a very user-friendly platform and easy to use.
  • No personal information was asked.
  • Users can earn money by creating content and posting videos.

Cons of rumble.com

  • The site keeps crashing, as complained about by some users.
  • The platform needs many improvements.

Is rumble.com legit or not?


As we mentioned above, what is rumble dot com, we did thorough research on their entire website, and it was loaded with a mixed response by the users. So we tried to find more data to calculate its trust score, and on the analysis, we found that the app’s rating is 4.7/5, which is a great reaction to it. However, the safety score for the app rumble is 25.8/100, and the developers need to work to enhance the score.

The app rumble is legit as it has a vast user base and has thousands of reviews on different platforms. In addition, it was greatly appreciated in the United States by Donald trump junior during the election rallies that led many of their followers to download the app. 

What is rumble.com Review by the customer?


There is no reviews section on their website. We searched for reviews on other platforms and got a very mixed response. The users have complained about the inability to open the app. Some said that the app worked initially, but after some time, it stopped responding. 

A user said that the site kept crashing despite the attempts to reload it several times. On the other hand, some users also praised that the content was not criticized and was a great alternative to existing platforms. Such a different response puts us in a tough spot to come up with a solid opinion. 



They have been in existence for some time now. With an ever-increasing online presence, content creators are constantly exploring new platforms to expose their videos better and gain subscribers. Such platforms have massive competition in the market by already existing and well-established platforms. To overtake such huge platforms or be at par with them, they need to work very hard to provide a whole user experience. 

The customer reviews are still very negative and need to be paid attention to by the Rumble developers and the entire team. First, they need to figure out what is rumble.com or what is rumble dot com brand value so far and the user response to it; and how effectively they wish to maintain it. Then work towards their goals to make it among the top video streaming platforms in the world.

Kindly weigh in all the available options before making any decisions, and do share your thoughts on this with us.

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