Is BeenVerified Legit – BeenVerified Genuine ? [Feb 2024]


In this article, you will learn about the site BeenVerified and ‘is BeenVerified legit?’. A background checking website is very helpful. It updates you about the criminal records, past employment, credit history, education, etc., of the candidate and lends you a hand in finding the most suitable tenant for your work.

The website is a people search and background checking website that allows the user to look for information regarding any resident of the United States. BeenVerified has served many people since it was founded in 2007 and continues to do the same. This article will help you in knowing more about the policies and services provided by the site.

What is BeenVerified?


One of the commonly aroused doubts may be ‘is BeenVerified legit?’ or ‘what is this website and how does it work?’. As mentioned, BeenVerified is an online source that works as one of the most popular background search websites on the internet, providing various features. 

It aims to provide affordable and easy access to public records, but it does not provide private investigator facilities. The results delivered are a combination of different sources, including public records, criminal records, social media accounts, credit history and many more databases. Instead of searching each information independently, BeenVerified displayed the information in one place, saving the customers’ time.

Detailed information

  • Public records- You can gain any information regarding the candidate that is accessible to the public.
  • Criminal records- The site provides access to one’s judicial records, rap sheets and criminal history.
  • Property location- You can collect a wealth of information about the owner’s names, contact numbers, email and location.
  • VIN search- This allows you to search for a candidate’s vehicle identification number. It informs you about the accidental history, ownership history and other details.
  • Unclaimed money search- Many citizens of the United States are unaware of the money in their name. It helps them to claim that money.


  • URL-
  • Office- Newyork, United States
  • Email-
  • Mailing address- MSC- 149098, P. O. Box 105168, Atlanta, GA 30348-5168
  • Average pricing – $22.86 for a 1-month membership and $14.86 for a 3-month membership
  • Contact number- 18668856480
  • Opening hours- 6 am to 11:30 pm EST
  • Payment methods- You can pay using United States issues visas, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards. You may also use PayPal.
  • Refunds- For refunds, you need to contact the site by emailing them or calling them on their customer care toll-free number.

Pros of BeenVerified

  • It has transparency in a background search.
  • It is affordable.
  • It made a difficult task like public searching very easy.
  • A wide variety of information is provided within a short time.

Cons of BeenVerified

  • Search results are sometimes inappropriate.
  • Free trial offers are unavailable.

Is BeenVerified legit?


BeenVerified has a 3.03-star rating with more than one lakh customers. They received a high customer rating as well. It is a very good platform that provides you a variety of information regarding your queries and resolves them as soon as possible. It is a legitimate company, not a scam.

It provides you with all the required information like information about the candidate, its name and address, vehicles ownership history, age of an individual, location of the candidate and other important details. But sometimes, the results are shown by the site may be unsatisfactory or inaccurate.

What are the customer reviews?


There are a lot of customer reviews answering the question ‘is BeenVerified legit?’. BeenVerified has gained 90% positive customer rating, and a lot of users praise the customer service. 

Their customer service is available 7 days a week from 6 am to 11:30 pm a day. The customers even express that the site also provides the facility that the searched party won’t know or receive any notification regarding the research made about it. 


The services provided by the site are worth the payment.


As from the details mentioned above, the answer to the question’ is BeenVerified legit?’ very clear. In short, the website is legit and receives millions of emails daily. You can also connect to BeenVerified through social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. 

You can reach out to the website for background search purposes. It’s all safe and secure. You can also tell your reviews in the comment section.

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