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067 squid game? Know all about her real name, relationships, boyfriend, Net worth, personal life, and upcoming series. Do you know this secret?

Squid game is a Korean Netflix series that has gained millions of views this year. Due to its dynamic storyline and roleplay. The number 067 is the code for the character, Kang Sae-byeok. It is also the main lead in season 1.


She gained millions of fans in the United States. The role got played by Jung Ho-Yeon. She has outperformed everyone with her acting skills and talent. Are you one of her fans and want to know every detail about her character and her personal life. Then read this whole article!

About the player 

As mentioned earlier, 067 squid game the name given to Jung Ho yon character. She is a defector who got into the game to save her sibling’s life. As a Korean player, she faces many challenges to pursue this mission of winning the final cash prize. 


Her character signifies a strong personality with a kind heart to bring her brother back from an orphanage and start a new life.

She also has some involvement with a high-profile gangster named Jang Deok-su. There are only two members in her family and, she has lived a lonely life. 

The character is incapable of trusting any other person in the series and therefore under-performs in all the teamwork tasks. 


Make Your Hair Strong like Player no 064

This game changes her whole personality and, she learns many new things in the process by keeping her morals strong.

Bio of Jung Ho yon

Name of actressJung Ho yon
Name of characterKang Sae-byeok
Squid game number067
DOB23 June, 1994
BirthplaceSeoul, South Korea
Started modelling2010
Height1.76 m
Natural hair colorBrown
Natural Eye colorDark Brown
AgencyElite Model Management (for worldwide projects)
Manager and agentSaram Entertainment
Instagram followers23.7 million

Relationship status of Jung Ho yon

  • After the success of the 067 squid game character, the actress has received immense love from the audience and, they are also interested in getting to know her personally. 
  • Are you one among her legion of fans who want to know her relationship status? Then you will be glad to know she has been in love with Lee Dong Hwi, since 2016. 
  • He is a famous actor in South Korea with some hit films like The handmaiden. One of his works includes Extreme Jobs. 
  • He started his journey with a TV show with the title ‘Reply’ and instantly caught the audience’s eye. 
  • Ho-Yeon admires him as a senior because squid game is her first gig in her acting career. But she does not post much about her personal life on any social media handles.
  • Some of her fans criticized the couple due to the age gap. But Ho-Yeon is very good at balancing her personal and professional life.


About her role in the Squid game

  • 067 squid game character was a challenging role for Ho-Yeon. But she had a spirit of Korea’s top model and grafted the strongly motivated version of herself. 
  • To get the depth of her character, she prepared by watching similar series/documentaries. 
  • The role has many qualities like intelligence, stealth, and combat powers. She learns martial arts to be thorough with knife-wielding skills and action sequences.
  • Even though the storyline is violent and mysterious, there are some beautiful scenes where she shows her emotions towards her family. 
  • In an interview, Ho-Yeon stated that the character resembles her in many ways. 
  • She also mentioned that people might judge that her external appearance change would have been difficult. But it was the internal shift that was more challenging.

Upcoming project of Jung Ho yon

  • After the release of the Squid game, Ho-Yeon, aka 067 squid games character, has been busy in promotions and traveled worldwide for various events. Many fans are wondering about her upcoming projects. 
  • But she has not revealed any details. In an interview, she stated that there are no upcoming projects with Hwang Dong-Hyuk’s director. 
  • She attended the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards in November 2021, where she met Zendaya. Both were happy with the meeting and spoke highly of each other.
  • Apart from movies and series, she has modeled for huge brands like Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, etc. She also became the First Asian model to appear on the cover page of Vogue.


Many people in the United States are looking forward to 067 squid games in the second season. But no affirmations got made yet. She has done extraordinary work in this series and altered her persona as a top model. We have mentioned all the exciting details from her life and character.

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