1000 Beasties Scam


1000 beasties scam? Have you recently come across the Mr beast Giveaway and want to know whether it’s genuine. In this article, we will explain all you need to know about it.

Mr. Beast is a prominent YouTuber in the United States and has 66 million subscribers on its main channel. Many people try to use his name to profit themselves by using fraudulent techniques. Read further to know more about this scam and how to recognize it.

What is 1000 beasties scam?


YouTube is a prominent social brand name. But some people can scam you with their content if you are not vigilant. This giveaway is one such scam, endorsing itself as Mr. Beast, who is a well-known YouTuber. The scammer is impersonating Jimmy Donaldson and making a statement to giveaway $1000 to $10000 to every subscriber. 

The scammers use pop-up ads to spread their schemes and exhibit as youtube endorse giveaways. The users have to go to the mentioned web address and perform some simple tasks. After that, you will need to provide your PayPal information to receive the reward in your account. 

By using this, the hackers get your account information and then rob you.


By performing these tasks, your device becomes prone to malware viruses like trojans and cryptocurrency miners. These viruses damage your device and extract data and bank account details. They can also damage your device by inputting viruses.

How does the giveaway works?

Here are the steps you can follow to get the reward from the giveaway :

  • The device that you are planning to use must have a permanent internet connection.
  • Also, make sure you have pre-installed Youtube to make the following steps easier.
  • Visit the Mr. Beast giveaway page on YouTube.
  • You will find a link that will direct you to the hoax web address hosting the giveaway.
  • Click on the link and load the webpage successfully.
  • There is a box with the statement claim reward.
  • Press the box. Another webpage will load.
  • The new webpage consists of several tasks that you need to perform. These tasks will be to download several apps and following the steps mentioned on the page.
  • After you have completed all the given tasks, you will have to provide your PayPal account information.
  • After you entered the email address linked with PayPal, you will receive the reward within few moments.
  • Minimize the window and check your PayPal account to confirm if you have received the reward of $1000.

We followed all the steps but failed to get any reward. Hence we suggest our readers stay away from such deceitful giveaways.

How to remove scam pop-ups?


There are numerous tools that you can install to build the security of your PC and other devices. One such software is WipeSoft which is a reliable source. You can also use any other tool but make sure it gets updated regularly to protect you from any latest viruses or other hacking devices.

Install the antivirus and follow the further instructions:

  • After you have installed it on your device, accept all agreements and policies. 
  • Then scan your complete device using the antivirus.
  • The first scan procedure takes a longer time.
  • After successful scanning, you will see all the suspicious malware listed.
  • Review and select all the items.
  • Click on the remove button to secure your device. 
  • To get rid of the 1000 beasties scam, use the control panel on your PC to locate it.
  • Then remove it using the antivirus.

Who is Mr. Beast?

Mr. Beast is a YouTuber who owns many YouTube channels and has more than one channel. His real name is, Jimmy Donaldson born in 1998. He lived in the United States and started creating content in 2012. In 2017, his video went viral after that gained a tremendous number of subscribers. 


Today, he is amongst the top YouTubers. After working for some time in this business, he became a philanthropist. But he has not officially launched any giveaway; this concludes that 1000 beasties scam. Always do a background check before engaging with any giveaway.


1000 beasties scam? If you are a fan of Mr. Beast, you would have already known this. There is no authenticity to their claims. You will only get you in troublesome situations. Hence we request our readers to avoid investing their time in any such preface. Always install an antivirus to keep your data safe. 

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