Activate countermeasure Fortnite


Do you want to check to activate countermeasure Fortnite process? If yes, you have reached the right place. Here we provide you essential information to activate the device.

Nowadays, the online video game has huge demand among the gamers because here you can enjoy the game with many players. People in the United States love to play Fortnite, and Roblox games the most. Now the question arises of how you can activate the device. Let’s check out by reading this article.

What is Fornite?


The game came into existence in the year 2017. In this game, a hundred players fight with each other, and they are getting complete freedom. They can set their own rules. In this game, players try to save the world.

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Finding Alien:

Try to collect first the three aliens in Fortnite. Now, how can you find three aliens in Fornite? 


Let’s quickly help you with this question so that you can easily activate your device:

Alien1 is found on purple grass in the north of the corny complex along the river and the alien device on the bottom of the hill. 

Alien2 has a sizeable purple crater on the east side, whereas the device was found near two alien trees, Alien3 had purple grass on the south side of the corny complex, and the alien device is next to them.

About activate countermeasure Fortnite process:


When you find all the aliens, then you want to activate the device. But do you know what countermeasure is? It is a machine in the game that helps you interact with the aliens. It looks like the dev.

Here you can get three slots. These slots will help you to insert the alien devices.

The southwestern room is the place where you find countermeasure devices. You have to fill the slots and be ready for the challenge. When you enter the game, you will found the underground entrance to the east. Just enter the room with the weird device and place all the three aliens over there, and you can easily activate the countermeasure Fortnite device.


People in the United States have availed of 30,000xp while activating this device. It’s not that difficult, we are thinking. It is quite as simple. Just go for it and try it. You will surely like it.


In the end, we would like to say that activating countermeasure Fortnite is a very simple process. It’s not that difficult, we are thinking. You have to find the aliens and have to interact with the machine. So we recommend you to go for it and try it. You will surely like it.

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