Kelsey Pumel Ex Boyfriend – Some Unknow facts? 2024


Kelsey Pumel ex boyfriend is still unknown to many because he is not very much into public. Pumel is known for making videos on TikTok, which she shares featuring her husband and kids. Followed by more than 4 million people, let us see her journey in this article. We will also see her achievements.

Readers who are curious to know about her personal life will also gain insights, including the controversies that she is in, if any. We will see about her ex-boyfriend and his biography, so let us get started.

Biography (Kelsey Pumel)

Real NameKelsey Pumel
ProfessionContent Creator
Date of BirthMay 13th 1988
Net WorthIt is estimated to be around $1M to $10 M.
Kelsey Pumel’s current boyfriendPumel is currently not dating anyone as she is married to Curtis Woods.
Famous forKelsey is famous for her TikTok videos.
EducationHer education was completed at Indiana University.

About the healthy lifestyle of Kelsey Pumel

Before we know more about Kelsey Pumel ex boyfriend, let us see about her health. Very recently, Pumel gave birth, and what the readers must know is that she is a mother of five kids. Even after giving birth, she didn’t let it stop her from looking young.


Followed by more than 300K on Instagram, Pumel has a skin-care routine, and her beauty and skin products are from AN Skin. Her page has the highlights, where she demonstrates how to use certain things. Let us see how she started her career in the next section.

What is Kelsey Pummel’s net worth, and what does she do for a living?

Most of Pummel’s income is from her TikTok views, where more than 2 million people follow her. The videos uploaded by her generally include her husband and her five kids. Recently, she gave birth to her 5th child.

Her net worth is estimated at around $1M to $10M. Apart from having fans on TikTok, she also has a huge following on Insta.  Even on YouTube, there are some videos.



The craze for TikTok began during COVID-19, and Kelsey also started her journey during the outbreak of Corona. Many videos featured her doing lip-sync videos, through which she got recognition from her fans. Let us see how Kelsey Pumel ex boyfriend and her relationship started.

There are more than 2 Million people who follow Pumel for her videos. Before she started creating content on the video-sharing platform, she was the CEO of an Autism Center, and before that, she was working in clinical productions.


  • Widely known for her TikTok videos.
  • On TikTok, Kelsey has around 4.5 million followers.
  • Apart from being a content creator, Kelsey specializes in Autism and is also known for being a trainer.
  • On Instagram, she also has fans of more than 300k following her.


The readers must be aware that Pumel is a mother of five kids, but there is a controversy about her first daughter’s biological father. It has been observed that the father’s identity has not yet been revealed.


Another controversy was when she started getting vocal by spreading awareness about Domestic Violence. There is news which state that Pumel was also a survivor.

Who is Kelsey Pumel ex boyfriend?

Devin Williams and Pumel were in a relationship before she wed Woods. What is sad to hear is that Williams is no more. He got into a relationship with Kelsey when he started pursuing his career.

Though not much information is available regarding the time when they were together, it is known that there was an age gap of 7 years between the two.

Bio (Devin Williams)

Full NameDevin Williams
Date of BirthJune 15th, 1995
ProfessionThough precise details aren’t known, he is believed to be an athlete.
Net WorthDetails regarding the same are not available.
WeightNot known
NationalityIt is not known.

What does he do for a living?


It is quite unfortunate that in an incident in Indianapolis Devin got injured. The incident took place in 2023 in the month of October. According to our research, not much data is available on Williams’s personal life. It is just known that he was an athlete during his days at the University where where he studied. It is even believed that Kelsey had a daughter with him named Kobe, but there is no confirmation.


As stated, William’s life was not open to the public, and much information wasn’t available. The details regarding his profession or his net worth are also not known.


Kelsey Pumel ex boyfriend William was shot in October and after some days, a person was detained in connection to the incident. Initially, it seemed that it was a suicide, but the police again had doubts about it. Post his death, Pumel’s only support was her fans, who were equally devastated but helped her come out of it.

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