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We all know about a famous game Among us. This game has gathered a strong fan following in the United States, and it is continuously increasing. The game can be played easily, along with the creativity and mental presence of an individual. This article will discuss a song introduced in the game’s name, and that is driving its fans crazy. The players and fans of Among us are going to discover this article interesting and useful. 

Among us in real life sus susis the song getting famous. It is winning the hearts of people around the world like the game did. Keeping aside all the features and upgrades that the game has launched, the game is becoming famous day by day. The latest information includes this song that is created by the fans. For the new readers, we will also include information from scratch about the game. Stay tuned with the article as the Among us fans may love it.

About Among Us


It is a popular multiplayer game where 10 players can play together in the same space. The crewmates have to identify the imposter before the imposter kills them all. This is a cool strategic game in which players on every side enjoy playing it, and they enjoy both the roles they are playing.

Meanwhile, the players have tasks to complete, and the imposter can either complete all the tasks or kill the other crewmates. Among us in real life sus susis a song dedicated from a fan to the game, and this article will cover all the information available on the Internet about the song, the creator of it, and the response from the Among us fans. The game is flexible and comfortable running on platforms like iOS, Windows, or Android.

About Among us in Real Life Sus Sus


The song is created by a singer from the United StatesRebecca Zamolo. The theme of the song includes the flow of the game in a very creative manner. This songis easy to remember as it has the whole gameplay in the lyrics. This singer has also created the song for another series, Game Master Network. This song was released in November 2020.

The lyrics mention a story where the singer is informing everything from the starting of the game and that she is the part of a team playing Among us in their spaceship. The other song explains the process of the team splitting to complete their tasks and finding the imposter at the same time. This song is available on different platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and others. They intended to win a challenge by launching this song.

Some Facts About the Game

  • Among us in real life sus sus song has enhanced the game interaction with the players
  • The game is entirely based on the manipulation and lies to the crewmates
  • The kids playing the game must understand the importance of truth and understand that it is just a game
  • Some fans are registering the games with an inaccurate name that affects the text chat in the game
  • The game channel has a filter to avoid inappropriate language between the players as they could be strangers too

What are fan reviews about Among us in real life sus sus?


As the game has a huge fan base on a global level. It is very important to understand the reactions of them. As the lyrics are based on the whole gameplay, many fans have criticized the song’s lyrics. Many players loved the song, and people who are not even Among us player loved the song anyways. We can consider it a mixed reaction from the fans of the Among us game.


This game has over 90 million downloads. Rebecca is an official artist and singer. Some fans enjoyed the song and still enjoying it. We would suggest our readers listen to the song and let us know their thoughts after reading the above article. We have gathered all the information available on the Internet about the song. We would appreciate your efforts to write to us.

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