Advertisements Are you worried about your DNA? Do you like to check it? Are you getting frustrated to go physically and waste so much time and energy? Are you looking for an online platform? If so, you are on the right page to get the full information about the Ancestrydna activation process. 

Nowadays, people across countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, want to search for the online option rather than offline because it saves your money, energy, and efforts to utilize in other productive activities. 

To check out the process in detail, continue to read the article in detail.

What is ancestrydna?


It is the most popular service used in the United States to analyze your DNA. In addition to that, it also helps you to integrate the data with the family tree. It offers you DNA Kit that collects your sample online and gets the results within few weeks.

Recently the company has added another test, i.e., Ancestryhealth, which will help you to check the genetics risks and carrier status. It has so many competitors in the market, but despite that, it is one of the largest databases of DNA samples across the world. The company delivers the DNA kit across the world.


  • Website url: Cost: $99
  • Shipping charges: Free
  • Time: 6-8 weeks.
  • Contact number: not present.
  • Contact address: not present.


  • You get the updated results here.
  • Shipping is free of cost.
  • Have the option to get such a lot of resources.
  • Cons:              
  • You get overwhelming matching features.
  • You can able to get the DNA matches.
  • You can build your family tree.
  • You can find more than 5 million profiles over here.


  • For health testing, it is not a good option.

Important points to keep in mind to activate the DND Kit?

  • If you want to check your results, then the first step is to activate your kit. To identity your DNA, a unique activation code will help you out. 
  • It won’t ask for your personal information; you need to give a unique identification code. It consists of 15 numbers and letters. 
  • Without the unique identification code, you cannot get the results.
  • To activate it, you should be more than 18 years old, and you can also help others view their DNA results.

The process you to take the test?

You can do this DNA test in your home when you received the DNA kit that contains a saliva tube, full instructions, and a prepaid return mailer. You need to put your sample in the kit. 


The DNA will be checked in the lab, and you get the results by giving an email notification.

Cost and time for DNA Test:

AncestryDNA costs you nearly $99. You will get the lower kit as well, which is for $59, but it is available if you have ordered more than one kit. It will take nearly 6-8 weeks to declare the result. 

An email notification will send to you when you get the results. After that, you check your DNA tab to view your results. 


For having the kit first, you need to create your account online, but if you have an account and still want the kit, you can log in with the same account. It will take nearly one week to reach you. 

On which device can you use this kit?

In today’s time, all are using mobile phones so it is good and convenient for all the users to check the results on mobiles. It is good that it can be used on all the devices like android, iOs and if you updated anything wrong, then there is no need to worry as you can easily change it by going through the settings tab.

Users reviews towards process:


It is necessary to check the user’s reviews before giving your samples to any online website for the DNA test. We have searched over the internet and found that the customers are really happy with their services. 

They found it reliable, and people can find out their biological parents. They can provide you with information about potential family members, and the price is so reasonable.


In the end, we can conclude that it is the biggest data providing company in the world. process is very simple and fast. We have given all the important information related to So now we leave it to you whether you go with the DNA test with this company or not?

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