Worried about the scam and want to know more about it. Don’t worry; this article has all information about the issue and how to deal with the existing threats.

Many users across the United States have fallen victim to the fraud policies of AT&T, which advertised to give unlimited data but had undisclosed terms and conditions. According to which the user’s data service can be suspended.

What is

 AT&T is a telecommuting company that provides telephone billing, wireless networks. The company is well known for its telecommunication services and is among one of the major companies in the US to provide telephone services. 

The company owns many well-known channels like CNN, cartoon network, HBO, Warner Bros, etc. the company is also known for its mass media and entertainment.


It is a telecommuting services company, and its current CEO is John T Stankey. The company is facing a lawsuit for linking some unclarified terms in its wireless data service. 

The scam is about the people who have felt wronged by their terms.

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  • They were founded in 1983 in Delaware, U.S.
  • They have a corporate headquarter in Whitacre Tower, Delaware, United States.
  • It is a public company that offers telecommunication services.
  • They are known worldwide for their services.
  • Their website address is

What is the scam?

The AT&T company advertised to provide an unlimited data service plan, and the buyers of these plans later faced some problems. Then they found a hidden clause in the data plane, which causes the suspension of their data service. A lawsuit was filed against the company, and the federal court stated the company had to pay the customers back. 


If you have received any text or email from the company, you might be on their customer list to get a cash settlement from the company. You don’t need any lawyer or go to any hearing. You need to file the claim for the cash, and the company will pay you the amount you are entitled to. The claim must be filed before 13 August 2021.

You will receive a personal ID with the email sent by the company. You need to use your ID to get your claim. If you have not yet received any email or postcards, you can still apply for the claim on, and the settlement administrator will give you a personal ID after verifying your claim is legit or not.

The settlement money can differ for people depending on how many claims they have filed. There are two groups A and B. Group A is getting approximately $10.00, and group B is reaching roughly $13.00.

Please read carefully the email sent by them before filing the claim and check for more details regarding the web address on their website.

Are AT&T legitimate?


They have been in the business since 1983 and have many branches where they offer their services to millions of users around the world. They are popular and well known around the world, and we do not doubt their legitimacy. They have created a very reliable and trustworthy brand in the US. 

The scam might have made the users lose their trust, but they have not backed down from paying the penalty. They are doing their best to make a settlement with the customer and regain their trust. 

After the scam, the company has faced many mixed comments on various online platforms, but that does not weaken the company’s legitimacy. We still recommend reading their terms and conditions before associating with them.

What are user reviews?

The company has been established for a long time now and has many trustworthy users. They offer their services globally, and the online platforms are filled with mixed reviews about their services. 


Some customers have labeled them as trustworthy and authentic, whereas some state otherwise. One of the customers complained about their customers and stated no transparency in their claims and dealings. 

The customers were disgruntled with the scam and gave them very poor ratings. These negative reviews can be very detrimental to their brand value.


Even though there is no doubt over their legitimacy, we stumbled on few negative reviews online. They are a massive brand with many branches across the US. We suggest a thorough background check at your end on the services they provide and read all the terms, conditions, and policies before any further association. 

Also, read the various reviews available on open sources to get a better insight. Please keep sharing your views with us; we love hearing from our readers.

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