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Balance of nature reviews? Incorporating fruits and vegetables into our diet is a necessity to maintain a healthy body. But do not have the time to buy and eat them every day because of our busy schedules. But now, you can still get the benefits of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables in a pack of six capsules.

Supplements, capsules, and powders are used by many athletics in the United States. Many citizens have also started this habit to get a better and healthier lifestyle. Here you will get a detailed guide about nature balance products and their benefits.

What is Balanceofnature com?


It is a supplementary diet with the benefit of natural fruits and veggies. You can gain all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs in a balanced manner. All the ingredients used are natural.

It was started by Dr. Douglas Howards in 1990 when he wanted to introduce a solution to keep his loved ones safe from lifestyle diseases:

  • If you are passionate about taking care of your body, you can depend on them to provide for your daily need for nutrition.
  • They believe that health can get acquired by the aspect of spiritual, physical, and metabolic welfare.
  • The products used are fresh and tested by a third party.
  • Customer care gets handled by a representative who is available to answer all your queries.
  • No added sugars.
  • Any toxic additive is not present in the manufacturing.
  • All the products are gluten-free and contain no GMOs.
  • There are two types of capsules for fruit and vegetables.
  • They incorporate dried fruits with the potential to benefit your immune system and facilitate better health.
  • Fruits like aloe vera, pineapple, banana, grape, strawberry, tomato, Papaya, apple are present.
  • Vegetables that you will find in the capsules are carrot, cayenne, garlic, soybean, yam, and many more with high beneficial vitamins.

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  • No contact address is present.
  • They have mentioned info(at)balanceofnature(dot)com for making requests.
  • Use (800) 246-8751 this number for complains and queries.
  • The shipping and delivery are dependent on your location.
  • They give only 30 days return period for sending back and, it should have an RMA number.
  • All payment methods are accepted.


  • They have a user-friendly return policy.
  • All-natural ingredients get used in manufacturing.
  • It will boost your health, immunity, organ systems, and cell repair.
  • The capsules get filled with the everyday need for vitamins and nutrition.
  • You can opt for monthly shipping to get a new prescription every 28 days.
  • They have a live chat system.


  • A limited variety of capsules are available.
  • You may find the product not so pocket-friendly.
  • The ingredient and technology used by them got found on many similar brands.

Is it a legit brand?


Balance of nature reviews suggests that it is a legit brand. Many commercial giants are also dealing in the products from this brand. They have created a good user base in some time.

The customer care services are not very satisfying and, most people do not get their issues resolved instantaneously.

It is an expensive product and requires six pills daily for effectiveness. The ingredient’s percentage and nutritional value are not present in the product. The company has got a warning from FDA for various reasons. Along with so many cons, there are many advantages too.

Balance of nature reviews


They have given valid social media handles on the official website. It has got an average rating of 3.1/5 stars. People have mentioned that it is a great product.

But they are disappointed with the delay in shipping and bad customer service. In the money that you would buy dozens of fruits, the capsules are way cheaper in value.

Many people have not received their product yet because of if delay. There is a mixed response on open platforms, so you can go through them and decide for yourself.


They have received good responses on Instagram and other sources. You can follow them to get more updates.


Balance of nature reviews? It is an alternative for fruits and veggies to incorporate into your diet. To get the most of the nutrition present in the capsules, you need to take six pills daily. If you can afford the price range in the United States, you can try the product.

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