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Beachsissi Review? (18th May 2021) With summer approaching, does your heart also goes out to plan a beautiful vacation by the beachside? Every girl has imagined herself beneath the coconut tree, in a pretty summer dress, enjoying the breeze if you’re into Swimwear, summer dresses, and beach-like clothes.

Beachsissi is a website registered in the United States and has a range of summer clothing to choose from. Now the thing about clothes is that you’re never a hundred percent sure where to buy them from. A lot of factors come into play. 


That’s why we’re here to help you find out with buyers’ feedback, to let you know if this is the website for you this summer. 

What all are we covering on

We’re here to give you all the details about the website and its legitimacy to help you make an informed decision. 


The website is an online shopping portal devoted to all the kinds of clothes you’ll need around a beach. It takes care of only the feminine side of the population and has no options for men. It has quite a range, covering Swimwear, dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, and even accessories. 

The website has a sale going on in which if you buy 3 pieces of clothing, you’ll get one free. They also have a first-time customer offer going on. Not just that, they supply their clothes at wholesale prices to retailers. All you have to do is write them a mail here- Let’s know more about the Beachsissi Review and verify the details.


  • Contact Address – Feihuang Trading Co., ltd. office unit, 11 on 17th floor witty commercial building nos.1a/1l, Tung Choi street Kowloon. 
  • Customer care number – +(86) 15991803877
  • Email address –
  • Payment method – They support all payment mediums such as Visa, Maestro, PayPal, and MasterCard.
  •  Category of the website covers all major summer clothes categories such as Swimwear, dresses, tops, rompers, two-piece, accessories, cover-tops, and jumpsuits.
  • Delivery time – They have a specific chart given on their website for delivery time in various countries. But they mostly have two kinds- Standard delivery on an average takes about 6-12 days. The Expedite delivery takes about 3-7 days. In most countries where they deliver, such as Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordon, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Argentina, only Expedite delivery is available.
  • Return of the product –”If the consumer causes the return, the consumer should be responsible for the shipping fee. If the products received are damaged or not correct due to our reasons, Beachsissi will resend a correct or a new product; the consumer is not required to bear the cost to get a new product.”
  • Shipment Process – Standard and Expedite.

Pros of Beachsissi – 

  • The clothing items are in line with the trending fashion. Also, they have a huge variety to choose from.
  • The Expedite delivery takes only 3-7 days to deliver, which is a good enough time.
  • If you’re an Influencer, you can write them an email, and they’ll send you free clothing in exchange for your articles/ reviews.
  • They have good offers going on, such as buy 3 and get one free. 

Cons of Beachsissi

  • The delivery cost for Expedite is 20$, i.e., almost equivalent to the price of their dresses. 
  • Some of the countries don’t even have an option of standard delivery.
  • The minimum cart value required to approve for standard delivery is 30$. And they would still charge $8 for the delivery.
  • The dresses and Swimwear are priced a little over the normal pricing range, making them less affordable for most people.
  • The return procedure is not very clear and requires you to pay for the shipping again. 
  • There is some glitch with the delivery time as well in which they’ve stated particular areas where the product will take longer to reach despite the expedite delivery.
  • They have mentioned that they can even take up to more than a month to deliver in Middle Eastern countries.

Is legit?

When we came across the site at first, it appears pretty good with a wide range of clothing. But there are minor details such as their clothing material, the over-priced range, and delivery glitches, which makes us wonder if it is worth buying from. 


The trust index was around 3.7 stars with 517 reviews. The website was started around 3 years ago and claimed to have delivered 2 million orders worldwide. 

What is the Beachsissi review by the customers?

The reviews mostly turned out to be negative. The customers complained that they didn’t receive the exact product that advertised. The material turned out to be different, and the exchange/ return procedure took forever. There were a few positive reviews as well regarding their swimsuits. The customers found it incredibly good and wanted to continue shopping from the same site.


Inevitably there was a disparity seen between the reviews from the United States customers and those from out of the country. The former received mostly good and high-end products, worthy of the price they were paying. At the same time, the latter wasn’t satisfied with the clothes.


We found that it is best to go for this brand if you’re in the country or don’t mind paying the extravagant delivery charges. The quality remained questionable, and while some products turned out to be good, the others weren’t. We hope this article helped to clear the confusion from Beachsissi review.

Do let us know in the comments below if you’ve shopped from the same and how you experienced this website.

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