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Best friendzy Fortnite com? You must have heard about Fortnite as it is one of the most popular games in the world. You can spend hours on the gaming platform and never get bored of its contents.

The game releases a new season and new Avatars, missions, weapons, and skins. People of the United States look forward to these new releases and make in-app purchases for them. In this article, we will discuss a new site that will reward you and your best friend.

What is Fortnite?


Fortnite was released in 2017 but maintained its high popularity. It is for all age groups played on almost all devices like Xbox, mobile, PC, etc. The game is immersive and puts you into a battleground where you fight with other players to be the last man standing. The violence may affect young children.  Hence parental guidance is necessary and, children below 12 years should avoid it.

It has many modes that allow you to battle zombies, players, and your friends too. But, its most frequently played mode is Battle Royale, 100 players enter a battleground and fight till only one player remains.


It is a multiplayer game so, you can team up with your friends and play as a squad. There is a total of 4 modes that players can try. They release new updates regularly as seasons and events all over the world and in the United States. One of them is Best friendzy Fortnite com.

What is Best friendzy Fortnite com?

Best friendzy is a website in association with Fortnite that allows you to earn rewards with your teammates. This service is available from August 31 till September 12. Play victory Royale, complete missions, and earn rewards.

The process is simple you have to register and log in to your account and start playing with your friends. Team up with anyone on your friendslist and play Battle Royale to earn unlimited points. You can also earn extra points by playing in Creative mode.


To unlock any particular reward, you should have enough playtime with any single teammate. During the challenge period, you can earn points by accruing any friend on your list. The rewards available are at this point status:

  • Outer space handshake – 3
  • Invasion remix track – 10
  • Life’s a beach wrap – 20
  • Aquari ax pickaxe – 50

How to get rewards?

To receive rewards from Best friendzy Fortnite com, follow these steps mentioned below:

  • You can use any device of your choice for these steps but make sure it has a permanent internet connection.
  • Go to to start the process and let the website load successfully.
  • Then you can go through the website and read the steps mentioned for better understanding.
  • Click on the option get started and, it will redirect you to another page.
  • Then you will be prompted to choose an option from google play store, apple store, Xbox Live, Facebook, Nintendo, PlayStation network, and steam to sign up to your epic account.
  • After you complete the signup procedure, the website will track your game progress and interaction with your friends.
  • You will be rewarded points According to the time spent on Fortnite with teammates. Point rules are:
  • 10 minutes in Battle Royale = 1 reward point
  • 10 minutes in Creative mode = 1 reward point
  • You can receive three times point if you select 60 minutes daily bonus. That means 3*60 = 180 points in Battle Royale.
  • You will receive rewards even if your friends have not registered on the platform, but they must do so to check their progress.
  • After playing, you can check your point status. There can be a delay of 30 minutes before the progression starts.

Please, make sure you are registered and have logged into the website to enjoy the benefits.


It is another event by Fortnite to engage people and grow its user base. There is no question about the legitimacy of best friendzy Fortnite com because it is associated with the official platform. You must go through the website for better engagement and make the most of it. Enjoy with your friends and collect these assets.

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