Biovier Scam


Creative puzzle time helps the family reunite, and it is also a brilliant idea for the mental development of the children. If you are looking to buy such games, this website is perfect for you and your family. Biovier is a shopping store that sells creative puzzles. In this article, we will try to find out if Biovier scam or not. Further, we will see if the site is secured.


This is a United States based platform and deals in puzzles. These puzzles also have a guide to follow. This can keep kids occupied as well as maintaining their mental health. As per the doctors, such games should be involved in the children’s daily activities to keep their minds active. This website should go viral if it is legit and selling good quality.

What is Biovier Scam?

This United States operated online store that provides wooden jigsaw puzzles with different layouts of animals and birds. It has a reasonable price range and seems attractive and creative for kids. This is a kind of activity to enhance the parent-children bond. This could be a great idea to utilize the time with the family.  


The company address is somewhere in China, and the website shows it is operated from the United States. That is what makes it suspicious in the first place. All the terms and conditions, also the policies are mentioned on the pretty informative website. The location issue is making untrustworthy, but let’s have a look at the other sides of the shopping platform.


  • Email info:
  • Shipping charges $15-20
  • Delivery time: shipping times are 10-15 days, and delivery time is 15-30 days
  • Contact number: 8617262012647
  • Return and refund policy: 30 days
  • Payment methods mentioned are VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, and maestro
  • Address: Ping’an Avenue and Huxin Ring Road Muhua Plaza, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City
  • The age of the domain is around one year.
  • Social media references found on the website, but not many activities found


  • This United States website is SSL certified
  • It has mentioned almost all the information on the website itself
  • Social media connection links on the website


  • The shipment charges could be a minus point for the consumers
  • The company’s address found on the website is not a real address on the google
  • Reviews are saying Biovier scam, but we cannot conclude anything yet
  • Not many reviews found on google for the respective site

Is Biovier legit?

The company’s address is found fake on google. The reviews on the Facebook page have told a scam website. Customers have also mentioned issues with the refund and return cases. 


The quality of the product is also in jeopardy. As per the reviews, the shopping store may not be a good service provider, but the reviews prove that this may be legit. We will let you decide.

Is the Biovier scam website as per the reviews?

Not many reviews were found for the customers of this website. But the reviews do state problems with the refund and return policies and product quality. Unable to track much information from the customer’s end.


Some say that the websites of puzzles are a scam as they steal artwork pictures to add on social media and the product is never up to the mark.


We won’t assure to rely on Biovier for shopping. The trust index of this website is also 1%, so choose your court wisely. The remaining we will leave up to you to decide if this is a legit website or not. Do let us know your thoughts after reading this article, and do not hesitate to share your perspective.

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