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Are you familiar with Bittner funeral home Mitchell sd? If not, please allow us to provide you with all of the necessary information. Are you looking for a funeral home in Mitchell that offers excellent services? That is something that Bittner Funeral Home can assist you with. 

They have been serving the residents of Mitchell for almost 40 years. They are committed to treating the family members with decency and respect, addressing the crucial facts, and aiding the families in organizing a one-of-a-kind and heartfelt funeral. If you want to learn more about this chapel, read the complete article.

What is Bittner’s funeral home?

It is a Christian Funeral Service that serves the people of Mitchell since 1908. Walter H. Broadbent and his son Harry opened the Broadbent Funeral Home at 112 East Third Avenue. The archives of the Noble Funeral Home were later taken up by the Milliken Funeral Home, which George Bittner purchased in 1979. 


They assert that they have a long history of thoughtful and supportive service. They claim to provide a recently refurbished funeral home that can only be trustworthy and that families would experience both peace’s as well as joy. 

They think that throughout these challenging times, it is clear how helpful a family-owned business could be in exceptional customized service to versatile and economical solutions.

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  • Website Creation Date- Wednesday 11th, May 2011 06:09 pm
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  • Phone- 605-996-2133
  • Physical Address- 805 West Havens Avenue Mitchell, South Dakota 57301
  • Directions to their physical address are provided on their website, making it easy for customers to find them.
  • Fax- 605-996-1753
  • Email-

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Following are the services they provide-

  • Basic Director, Staff, and Overhead Services
  • Utilization of Facilities and Personnel for Viewing/Visitation
  • Use of Facilities and Personnel for Funeral Ceremonies
  • Funeral Ceremony Usage Facilities and Personnel
  • Usage of Graveside Service Equipment and Personnel
  • Transfering of Remains to a Funeral Home (First Call)
  • Utilization of a Funeral Counselor (Hearse)
  • Embalming 
  • Direct Cremation

They provided all the details of the businesses or organizations that people might need during the ceremony. Following are the things you can get links to on their official website:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Engraved Memorial Ornaments
  • Florist
  • Funeral Etiquette
  • Grief Support
  • Hotels
  • Monuments
  • Social Security

They have provided all the information about the staff working at this chapel on their website and mentioned details about their history.

They can help you with Pre-Need Planning, where they offer several personal options which can help you plan the perfect funeral.

Is Bittner funeral home Mitchell sd legit?


Their official website received a trust index of 55.7 percent, which tells us that caution is mandatory before using their website. Because the website lacks a secure HTTPS connection, people’s privacy may or may not be jeopardized. 

This can also have an impact on their internet presence. However, if they make specific improvements to improve this issue, the popularity of this website may change. 

The features of this business tell us that it is a trustworthy service. However the customer feedbacks were mixed. After considering all of the elements that influence a company website’s credibility, we can conclude that it is a reputable website at this time.

What are customers’ reviews?

After going through almost all the customers’ reviews, we found that this funeral home can offer exceptional service. People think choosing them was a good decision. 


Bittner funeral home received a mixed reaction, which tells us that few are are satisfied and few are not. We recommend you go ahead and contact them to register.


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Is Bittner funeral home mitchell sd legitYES

We have supplied you with all of the information about this website. So, now you can draw your judgments.

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