Blackout Bingo Legit


Nowadays, our whole generation is going mad over games. So, today we are unfolding the mystery: is Blackout bingo legit? It is a gaming platform where you can win real cash and various kinds of prizes.

It is a United States-based gaming app. Nowadays, Blackout bingo is highly popular in the US. So, without wasting another moment, we can start the main discussion. Read the article carefully to find out all the answers

What is Blackout bingo?

As we mentioned earlier, it is a game where you can earn money by playing the game. It is a new kind of online bingo game. Firstly you need to install the game. 


Then you need to choose an avatar. Now you are set to begin the game after a couple of practice matches. 

Eligibility criteria of Blackout bingo:

  • You have to be 18 years old or above.
  • You need to have an official residence in the US.

How does someone earn points in blackout bingo?

  • For absolutely correct daubs.
  • You can earn a speed bonus.
  • You can earn money for bingos.
  • Multi-bingos are also considerable for money-earning.
  • Other kinds of bonuses also help you to earn money.

Another remarkable feature of the game is you can earn Ticketz for this game from other skill games.


Amount of cash you win based on Ticketz list:

  • 20000 Ticketz = you earn $1.
  • 35000 Ticketz = you earn $2.
  • 80000 Ticketz = you earn $5.
  • 150000 Ticketz = you earn $10.
  • 280000 Ticketz = you earn $20.
  • 1250000 Ticketz = you earn $100.

You can also win real prizes :

  • 140000 Ticketz redeemed as a Skillz T-shirt
  • 160000 Ticketz redeemed as a Skillz phone case
  • 200000 Ticketz redeemed as a Skillz mug
  • 460000 Ticketz redeemed as Phone camera lenses
  • 500000 Ticketz redeemed as AYL Portable speaker
  • 860000 Ticketz redeemed as USB solar phone charger

There are various kinds of tiers which are mentioned below: 

  • Bronze.
  • Sliver.
  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • Diamond.
  • Black.

Let’s find out whether Blackout bingo legitby verifying other aspects.


  • Contact address: No information available at this moment.
  • Contact number detail: No information available at this moment.
  • Email:,
  • Direct contact portal:
  • Helpdesk page:
  • Payment option: Online payment through Credit card and Debit cards.
  • Payment method: PayPal.
  • Category: Gaming.
  • Monthly charges: $2/per month.
  • Rewards: Real money.

Pros of it:

  • Blackout bingo helps you to win real cash prizes as per your performance.
  • It also helps you to win various exciting real prizes.
  • You can also win $10 by referring the game to your friend.  

Cons of it:

  • It is an addictive game.
  • Various payment methods are unavailable. 
  • You can only access it in the US. 
  • Sometimes many problems are raised at the time of redemption of cash.

Is Blackout bingo legit?

As per our research, we found it legit based on 75 percent of reviews. Another 25 percent is complaining about the lengthy process of money redemptions. 

This game is a highly popular and trusted one in the US. So, we can consider it as a legit game. Many websites rated it 3.7 stars out of 5 stars. This rating is a pretty good one. 

Customer’s opinion about it:


We found thousands of both good and bad reviews. Some people consider it as a good way of making money easily. Some other consider it as not worth spending time for less money. 

But the main question is Blackout bingo legit solved, and the answer is yes, it is legit and helping you in making money. All in all, there are mixed reactions to this game. Now it’s your own choice whom to trust.


As we mentioned in the above paragraph, it is a legit site, and no such suspicious activity is found. So, it is crystal clear that blackout bingo is legit. And have enough genuine points so that we can give our decision on it. You can surely try this game once in your life. 

You can also write to us in the comments section whether you findBlackout bingo legitworthy or not. And also, share your experiences with us. 

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