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Here, we will let you know the complete details about the promo codes and the way you can access them. If you are curious enough to gain few accessories using these codes, you can read until the end.

Roblox is a game that is trending like wildfire, especially in the United States. The platform is used by eight million-plus players, and they can explore plenty of games from this Roblox platform with the currency called Robux

What is Robux?

Robux is a type of currency that is used inside the Roblox platform. Like we have the currency of the United States Dollars, the gaming platform has the currency in the form of Robux where you can see eighty Robux for the worth of the one dollar. 


If you are a hard-core player and want to continue playing, you need to attain a standard position and get promoted to the premier member. Then only will you be able to access the outfits and accessories of the game? Another thing is that you will be able to use all the characters only when you have enough Robux.

But Robux needs money. As some players can’t spend a lot of money on buying Robux, there are few alternatives. One of the other ways to get free Robux by using the promo codes.

What are these codes? is a platform that will give some benefit for the tasks they assign you. There is a special for this website. After you complete the work, you will be able to get some codes which are called promo codes. 


When these codes are entered, you will be getting a certain Robux and a kind of benefit in your game.

These are the six available codes with their uses in the game:

  • Free Robux: It will let you use free Robux in between your game.
  • OCTOBER: It will let you use some of the special features in-game. They may include special outfits and a special avatar.
  • Up to 30% off: If any player wants to purchase Robux with United States Dollars, then they will get an offer when this code is used.
  • BHAWINSW: This code is usually used to get some free credits of any type of currency from the game.
  • TURKEY: This code will let you get around 50 Robux after you complete a task.
  • Snowman: This code is also the same as the code ‘OCTOBER.’ You will have access to some special features.

These are the six codes available to date.

How to experience promo codes?


It is not useful to know about the promo codes when you don’t know about redeeming them. So let us see the process.

  • First of all, visit the official website of at:
  • Then you will be directed to their home page.
  • Then click on the other button that can be seen at the top right-most corner.
  • Then you will see an option called prom codes in the drop-down box.
  • Click on the button that is about the codes.
  • Now you will be directed to a new page where you are asked to enter the code of your choice.
  • After you enter the specific code, then you need to enter the username for verification.
  • If you entered the code related to a task, you need to complete the task to get the result of this code.
  • Or else you will be able to experience the code at the time you play the game.

This is how you can avail this opportunity.

Is the website legit?

This doesn’t ask you for any private details and currency from your pockets when you redeem promo codes, there is no suspicious thing we got of this website.


We should also consider feedback from players before we decide the legitimacy.

What do players say?

Upon research, we have found some testimonials from the players who used this site. They state that they had a good experience with this site and got these codes.

Final verdict

Overall consideration for legitimacy states that there is no risk you need to take to go to this website. But we suggest you take safety concerns before you proceed.

You are welcomed to tell us your opinion in the comment section.

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