Bossrobux com – Free Robux [March 2023]


Bossrobux com? In this article, you will get complete guidance on how you can get Robux for free and our personal experience with it. We want to clarify that it’s a Robux generator website that claims to distribute it all for free that to unlimited times, but the result may be different. So, stick to us to know in detail.

The website is getting quite popular in the United States, and the reason is due to the benefits that you will get from it for Roblox. But several such websites claim to be legit but result in a scam one. So, without further ado, let’s start the article.

What is bossrobux com?


As we stated above that it’s a Robux generator website where by entering your gaming username, you can earn Robux for free. We tested it to check its reality which we will further discuss in the below section. By the way, this website allows you to choose the platform on which you want to get the coins.

As we are aware with all the other websites that claim to be legit for Robux distribution is nothing but a marketing strategy by some mediator. But this website doesn’t ask you to submit your password, which seems quite reasonable. 

It also allows you to select the amount of Robux you want to move further per your requirement. Roblox is so popular that it is available on desktop and Android, and iOS platforms. Several tech giants like Microsoft are also distributing free Robux, which is the most legit way.

Follow the Steps to generate Robux?

  • After visiting the bossrobux com, you will be directly routed towards the Robux generator.
  • Enter your gaming username and select the platform in which you are playing the game. There are three options given, i.e., Desktop (Microsoft), Android, iOS; choose one of them and click on “Continue.”
  • Then you will be asked to select the amount of Robux you want; you will get options to choose among 400, 800, 1200 & 2000 Robux.
  • The generator will generate the amount of Robux and will get ready to deliver
  • But before the transaction of the benefit, you will be redirected to a third-party server where you will be asked to complete 2 out of 3 offers/surveys.
  • After completing that, you will get the delivery of the generated Robux.

$Million question – Is bossrobux com legit or a scam?


As we always try to cover the utmost of the website and peel off every layer of the claimed truth, we tried this website to share our experience without readers. 

First of all, let’s talk about the website’s trust score, which is 17%. Also, there is no user feedback found. The website is recently launched, however as per our experience we got 2 Robux instead of 2000 after following all the steps mentioned above. 

It means we can say that it’s a partial scam that they are not delivering the exact amount we selected for. On the other hand, we can say that it does generate Robux.


Above all, to make the result clearer, we retry the same steps but got nothing, which means the outcome depends on person to person. 

What is the user’s point of view?

As there is hardly any feedback on bossrobux com is available over the internet, there are no social media pages and enough website popularity. It is essential to verify each segment of the platform which one is using, but in the case of Robux, players do not share their reviews on those platforms that supply free Robux. 

But as per our concern and our tested result, we are clear on our verdict (Read the above section).



As per our experience, we can say that the website seems ok to us, but in terms of actual Robux delivery, it is not what you are expecting. We tried bossrobux com two times which results are not the same. During the first try, we received 2 Robux and in 2nd time received nothing.

So, we will leave the other decision to our readers. However, we will suggest not to share personal ID, details, passwords with them. Please check the website stats below:

Trust Score17%
SSL EncryptionYes
Social Media PresenceNone
User ReviewNot Satisfied (Personal Exp.)

Please leave your reviews and share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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