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The article will explain to you to Brickyard Unique Thrift Store, which gives you an idea of how second-hand things are essential to our life. It’s not that we cannot afford the products, but it’s the concern that we care for the environment and the value of money. 


Thrifting is becoming popular worldwide, especially in foreign countries like Canada, Australia, United States, and many more. People are showing interest in second-hand used items. Most middle classes are using these products. It is a matter of choice and hobby for some persons. These items are helpful not only to save our time and money but also to help the environment and change our lifestyle.

Let us read the article furthermore.

About Unique Thrift Store:


The store was founded in the year 1954. Initially, the first store was started in San Francisco’s Mission District Home after many stores were built across the country like Canada, Australia, theUnited States, etc. 

Brickyard Unique Thrift Store offers you different types of items like accessories, furniture, clothes, household items, etc. The main objective of the store is to protect the environment and help the charity.

Pros of Unique Thrift Store:

  • Gives you a 20% discount on your next purchase.
  • You can have a super club offer on Monday to save up to 50%
  • Good quality with reasonable price.
  • The store aims to get the funds for the charity, which is commendable work.
  • Items can easily be changed.
  • Offers a variety of products like clothing, toys, accessories, furniture.

Cons of Unique Thrift Store:

  • It’s good that this store is offering varieties of product, but we suggest our readers the following items you should not buy from the store, and they are:
  • The items which you cannot clean properly. Because it can carry germs which can be dangerous for you and your family members also.
  • Don’t buy children’s items. Proper check is required before purchasing any electronic toys for kids.
  • Don’t buy damaged items

Is the Website Legit?

After analyzing all the factors over the internet, we can say that the company gives valuable second-hand items at an affordable price. But we cannot indeed say that the website is legit or not. We advise you to do some valuable and deep research regarding this.

Brickyard Unique Thrift Store Reviews:


Customer reviews should consider so that we don’t feel guilty that we have not acquired much knowledge before buying the item.



We have researched on various websites, and we have received mixed reactions from the customers. Some buyers have found the reasonable price for the product with good quality, liked multiple collections of the store whereas others comment that the store has high prices for the items and the customer service is not good. Moreover, it has received a 3.5 rating out of 5.

Final Words:

Thrifting is getting popular among the people, and they are satisfied with its product, quality, collections, and price. Due to the excellent rating from the customers, it becomes the attraction of the customers. But we advise you to do some more customer review research before buying any item.

Do you tried Brickyard Unique Thrift Store? What experience did you gain there? Do write and share with us. Your experience matters to us and helps the other buyers also. We are eagerly waiting for your responses.

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