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What is the Cazoo reviews indication toward the company? Get all the user feedback on it.

In recent times there are various companies available that are taking their business online. In this case, why is the car dealer stopping them? Breaking all barriers, this company handles its business online and expands its business. Naturally, a box full of questions arises.

This is a well-known company in the United Kingdom. This company is related to cars and car dealerships. That’s why this is not a matter of a small amount of money.


You have to ensure everything before you invest a lot of wealth in such a company. To solve this query, we are here with all crucial info related to this website.

What is a cazoo?

Recently cazoo has been catching all the limelight in the UK. This website is specifically available for car dealers and car dealership companies. All open cars in cazoo are from their purchase means they are the owner of these cars.

They have a vast storage area of 55 acres to store their vehicles. This company also offers 72 hours delivery on the doorstep of buyers. They assured you that they never delay any delivery if everything is okay.

However, we will more briefly discuss the cazoo reviews in our upcoming segments.

There are two kinds of portals available on this website: 

  • Buy.
  • Sell.

Apart from these two options, there are three kinds of different services which are mentioned below;

  • Car buying facility.
  • Financing on a car facility.
  • Car subscription facility.
  • Sell your car on this platform.
  • Sell your car part on this platform.


  • Category: industrial company related to the car.
  • Category: vehicle.
  • Available services: Both kinds of buying and selling services are available.
  • Payment mode: You have to pay through an online process.


  • They offer delivery to your doorsteps within two days.
  • They have a money-back warranty on their product.
  • They are not a reselling company. They are direct dealers. That’s why there will be fewer scams.


  • No contact details are available or visible on their website.
  • No FAQ section is open to solve your queries.

What is the working process of cazoo?

We add this particular segment in this cazoo reviews for better acknowledgment.

  • The site’s easy to use, and you can search its database (which are all owned by Cazoo) for makes, models, and prices and read up on the features and service history of all vehicles, and there are lots of photos so you can see what you’re buying.
  • It has all the usual filters you would expect, such as year, model, emissions, and so on.
  • It’s worth noting they only have around 1,700 vehicles to choose from – Evans Halshaw has more than 20,000 and Auto Trader more still – but that number will presumably grow over time.
  • Prices are fixed, so there’s no need (or opportunity) to haggle.
  • Speaking of pricing, it’s probably not the best place to buy your first banger as all cars listed are a maximum of six years old, with prices starting from £4,200.
  • All cars must pass a 150-point internal inspection test and come with a minimum of six months MOT (unless they’re new enough not to need one), plus a 90-day warranty plus RAC roadside assistance.

Is cazoo legit?

And here is the most crucial point of this entire cazoo reviews. We conducted deep research to get clear of this brand. Let’s see what the facts are. 

  • This brand is widely famous in the UK. And a fake brand cannot be that famous.
  • There are thousands of positive reviews and responses available from the site of customers.
  • All their social media presence and security certificates are available on their platform.
  • The regular trafficking on their website is high, which is also strongly evident in their legitimacy.
  • We mark this company as legit with a 79% trust score.

Cazoo reviews by the customers?


We found Hundreds of satisfied and happy customers throughout the Internet.

However, we are sharing some user experiences here to let you know about their mindset.

Lizzy said, 

“Many times, it is too hectic to go to the showroom and buy a car but this service eases the work.”


Brake said,

 “This company is legit and provides the top-rated cars with all kinds of warranty and money back policy.”


Trust score4.2/5
Social Media PresenceYes
Customer reviewsYes

At last, according to our views, this company is legit with a high trust score. If you plan to buy anything, you can search for it on this website and compare it with others.

Expectedly, all your doubts are clear. If you still have a suspicion or want to say anything on cazoo reviews, drop it in our comment section and let us know about it. 

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