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 Obtaining Robux by spending no fees is favored mainly if all you need to do is a few random and manageable tasks. We will, in this article, review whether the ClaimRbx-free Robux deal valid or not?

There are many online platforms based in the United States that provide stuff for supporting their website. However, websites with such claims are usually unreliable but can’t judge a book by its cover without adequate research. That is precisely what this article will assist you with.

What is ClaimRbx?


ClaimRbx is the website where Roblox gamers can earn free gaming digital currency by doing a few tasks such as participating in a survey, completing offers, downloading apps, etc. These lucrative deals and offers have lured a significant number of players. Robux is a digital gaming currency which can be obtained on play store and is used in Roblox game to conduct fascinating trades. 

Who would want to pay real money for purchasing Robux when these platforms provide codes that can redeem to gain free Robux? But before using any platform, we need to check whether the ClaimRbx free Robux deal is legit for usage or not?

How to get ClaimRbx-free Robux codes redeemed?

Follow the below mentioned very simple steps to get your hands on the free digital currency and codes redeemed.

  • Make sure to be connected to an active internet connection on your device.
  • Please enter the website address and let it load 
  • The user will need to link their Roblox account to the website.
  • The user just needs to enter the Roblox username; the password is not required.
  • After the linking of accounts, a menu option pops up on top of the screen.
  • From there, you need to fill in the available code by clicking on the promo code.
  • These simple steps will then redeem your code.
  • Make sure to redeem it before the expiration date.

Is ClaimRbx legit or not?


As per the results of our research, the website ClaimRbx is undoubtedly legit. We estimated the safe usage score for the website, and it came out to be 100 percent. This data ensures only the safe usage of the website and is not a sponsor of their claims.

The website has garnered many positive responses in the United States, but the number of visitors on the website as per the results is still very scarce. They even have a valid SSL certificate which certifies their brand value and adds a positive outlook to the website. This data has been obtained solely based on user responses received on unrestricted platforms. The legitimacy of this site is very challenging to determine. One needs to experience it to be sure.

What is the ClaimRbx-free Robux Review by the user?


There is no reviews section on their website. We searched for reviews on other platforms and got a very mixed response. Some of the users claimed that they received their points/ code after completing all the tasks and were prompt to declare the site legit. 

One of the users stated that the site worked slowly and was quite impractical but still, he managed to earn the Robux and was content with the results. The other user said that he noticed that the Robux on the site was on the lower side, and he suspected the vast requirement of it to be a reason. However, he claimed that he was still able to earn the Robux and declared the site legit. 

We also read the response from many users who alleged it to be a fake due to the preconceived assumption that any site offering free Robuxhas to be a fraud.


We suggest trying the website services for you to find out what precisely the actual narrative is.


They have been conducting business for some time now, and the ClaimRbx-free Robux deal seems valid. The website is very user-friendly. They very ask for account details of the Roblox platform but do not require the password. They mainly offer codes that need to be redeemed later before the expiration date. Due to the miscellaneous acknowledgments, we advise being cautious while affiliating with the site. We would recommend doing a thorough study at your end before making another decision.

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