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Classtag com activate? In this pandemic and online classes, teachers need new platforms to explore new ways for better teaching and understanding. Many websites and apps are released to overcome the need of every student and teacher.

Classtag app is for teachers to manage classroom events and parent’s involvement. Teaching from home is not an easy task but, this website has helped many teachers in the United States to overcome this issue and help students get a better learning experience.

What is

Classtag is an app for online classrooms that helps build teacher and parent relationships. You can use it for creating events, sending RSVP, and notices regarding their child’s behavior and improvements. Its services allow parents to participate in various activities on special days like Independence Day, mother’s day, teachers’ day, and festivals.

It was found in 2015 by Jason Olim and Vlada Lotkina. It has many features like messaging, sharing media, and other tools that help teachers organize meetings and classrooms. Anyone can set up their account and create a classroom for free. You can add members through access code, email, or message.

Read further to know more about Classtag com activate services and if they are worth your time.

How to use classtag com activate services?

If you desire to create a classroom using Classtag, follow the steps mentioned below:


• You can use any device to create a classroom but make sure that the device has a permanent active internet connection.

• enter this web address in the designated box and load the website completely.

• Make sure that the webpage completely loads and, then you will find an option to get started. Press it and, another page will load.

• On the next page, you will be asked how you want to start in the classtag. You can select any of the options mentioned below according to your preference.

  1. Parent
  2. Teacher
  3. School leader

• Select the option of the teacher and, then another page will load. Here you will need to enter all the information regarding your name, email address, and password.

• Make sure to enter valid information and then press signup. Give it some time to intercept the information.

• Your ClassTag account is created and, now you can connect with parents for one-to-one conversation anytime you wish.


• Next page contains information regarding how to send messages and media to share moments with parents. You can also create any announcement using their services.

• Browse the web page to get information regarding all of the services and tools.

• You can create a classroom by following the on-screen prompts.

To activate your Class tag account; follow the steps mentioned below:

• use this link to open the activation page.

• After creating your account, you must have received an activation code with some instructions. On this webpage, you will enter that activation code, then press continue.

• The next page will ask for your email address or phone number, then press continue.


• After that, you will enter your profile information and press continue to get on the next page.

• Then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the final activation process.

Your classroom is activated and, you can use it for any purpose.

Is it legit?

We did a comprehensive analysis of the whole website and read its terms and policies. We are confident about its legitimacy. You can download the app from any online store like Play Store, Apple Store for free. 

But, its ad-free monthly subscription costs $3.99 / month and, the services available on the platform are worth the price. It is rated 4/5 stars on Playstore with more than 500k downloads. 

It has a simple layout and many helpful tools like the translation that make it user-friendly. But the free version is loaded with ads which makes it annoying for some people. The interface may not be for middle and high school students because they do not appreciate parent’s involvement.

Classtag com activate services are for open communication between parents and teachers and allowing participation in all events.

User Review 


They have 12.8k followers on Twitter and regularly update new content. Many people comment their views on it and, you can easily find out how well the website has been going on any social platform. 

We also found many reviews on open platforms with a mixed response. Most people were satisfied with the services and found it a helpful app that brought better understanding between parents and teachers.

Some of the users disgruntled the free version as it has many ads that continuously disrupted the work. Some found the app to be a great idea with lousy execution because the app has some technical issues. 

Because of them, parents were not able to join the classroom using the links provided to them. Apart from these negative reviews, the app is very well received by the customers. We would like to see how classtag com performs in the future.


The classtag com activate services are being excessively used in the United States and, they have maintained a decent user base. They still have some fields to enhance to provide a better experience. 

We would recommend our readers to use the app and their services to get a better insight.

Social media presenceYes
Trust Score4/5 stars
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

Please, share your experience with us if you have used their services before. We love hearing from our readers.

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