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Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200


Here for Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200? Please stick to the article because we are going to tell you how you can fix the error. We often see that those online games with an increased number of traffic servers issued such error. But how you can fix it, let’s know.

The error is started showing from the past few days, mostly in the United States server. Such error is a rogue to the online games, and developer needs to find a permanent solution to this obstacle that often emerges from time to time and sour the gamers’ mood.


Let’s know what the error is about?

What is Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200?

It is a common issue in such types of games; recently, several users from India, the United States, and some other parts of the world started commenting about this error over Twitter and other social media platforms. The error is also occurring to the old gaming accounts, and the possible reason which is traced out for this is due to:

  • Game Server down
  • Wrong login credentials
  • Older version of the game
  • Fluctuating internet speed
  • Banned gaming account

The other error code like error 5, error 1401, and error 1200 is also a common problem in such servers, and it might be possible that you may be facing one of those. Although the developers noted this problem and are trying to resolve it, no one will encounter such errors.

How to fix the error?

There are quite possible ways that you all can try to resolve the Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200. So, please note it down and try the below steps:

  • Clear the cache file or temporary file stored in your device from setting
  • Make sure the internet connection is stable and responding well. Try the router setting to port TCP 10012, 65010, 65050, UDP 7500, 7774, 20002
  • Use VPN; it is the best method to avoid such errors. Keep changing the VPN server to know which server is working fine.
  • You can also re-install the game after deleting and clearing the cache file from your device.

User reactions across the world

We found that many COD users are facing this problem during our research and analysis, and most of them unable to play the game even after re-installing. They also tried to reach via Twitter; however, the Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200 is already noted by the developers and informed that they are trying to get it done.

But you can try the solution mentioned above because most of the time, due to playing continuously, cache file overloads, and a sudden increase in the server.


From the point mentioned above, it is clear that due to an increase in the server, it often overloads and results in the server down. But you can try out some of the tips mentioned above to get rid of it to avoid Cod Mobile Authorization Error 5 1200.

Please let us know your thoughts on this issue and how you resolved it.



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