Codes for Mall Tycoon Roblox 2021


A Roblox player? Mall tycoon in Roblox is your favorite? Searching codes for mall tycoon Roblox 2021? Reader, we are here to help you redeem such codes. Mall tycoon launched last year and is a favorite pass time for the Roblox players of the United States.

As the name suggests, players in mall tycoons have to build malls and make the malls attractive to bring customers; with the increasing number of customers, the cash flow increases. Players here look for codes to add more accessories to the game. Please stick to the article to know more about it.

What is a mall tycoon?


It’s an all-new gaming experience in the Roblox playground. The game was launched on September 25, 2020, and is already a sensation in the gaming world. Here you have to create malls, make it grow so that the visiting of the customers increase. With the increase of customers, your cash deposit will increase.

Sounds easy? Nope, these visitors are not easy to impress. You will have to plan your mall, built your stores accordingly. You can choose over 35 stores to build in your mall. You will have to very thoughtful in strategizing your mall according to customer choice. For that, gaining extra codes to make your mall better won’t be a bad idea.

Game codes

Game codes are something that the game developers create for the players to have an all-new experience in the platform. This feature is in the developer’s hand to enable or disable. Mall Tycoon is developed by Grandma’s favorite game

List of codes


So far, grandma’s favorite game has launched only one code. It’s just been a few months mall tycoon has hit the internet; we can expect more codes in the remaining year. Make sure that the code hasn’t expired yet else you will fail to redeem it. 

The code so far :

· Legendary – Legendary Roblox Store(NEW)

This code has been introduced by Grandma’s favorite game recently and is still functional. Hurry! If you haven’t redeemed it yet. If you are not sure about how it is done, stay on the page to know the process.

Steps on how to redeem codes for mall tycoon Roblox 2021

  • Open mall tycoon game.
  • There will be a profile button; click on it.
  • Codes, if available, will appear there; click on it (the code will automatically get copied)
  • A redemption window will pop up. Then paste the code into the box.
  • Now click on the redeem option.

You can now enjoy your rewards. Again you will receive rewards only if the code is still functional. It’s on the developers to enable or disable it anytime. So keep yourself updated and never miss an offer.

Fake codes

There are so many fake codes on the internet these days. Social media influencers are creating content claiming some codes to be valid for gaining popularity. Our team has gone through such stuff; we found it all to be fake while making this article. 

Those codes do not work in mall tycoon. Codes for mall tycoon 2021 will appear on the game page itself, and you will have to redeem it the way mentioned above.

Final words


Go ahead, enjoy your game and become a mall tycoon. Make great malls and earn in-game cash; all you have to do is build your mall according to customer demands. However, they are hard to please. But the happier your customers are, the more money you make. 

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We will keep you updated with all the codes that the developers enable. Down in the comment section, do let us know if you have any inquiries.

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