Costco Text Scam


The rise in reporting recurring complaints by many customers concerning Costco text scam claiming to be from the American wholesale club to deceive shoppers with their fraudulent schemes. Have you also fallen prey to the advent of online scam messages/ emails like several users online?

Many customers in the United States have been duped by online scams professing to be notable brands and identified entities. Multiple users have fallen back on the online platforms to describe dishonest scenarios and develop consciousness. Many prominent organizations have fostered collective efforts to educate people on differentiating between legitimate emails and scams such as these.

What is Costco?

Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American-based fifth-largest retailer globally; operator of discount warehouse clubs and wholesale stores. In these stores, the merchandise is sold in bulk quantities and at a discounted price to club members who pay a membership fee to be their part annually.


The services provided by them are in merchandise, cash& carry Warehouse club, and filling stations.

Being a household name with a huge brand name precedes a reputation to be maintained, and as of recent, there have been multiple Costco text scams reported. Read further to get more details on the matter.

What are the Costco text scam and messages people received?

Scammers are sending these emails claiming to be from the wholesale giant under Costco itself. The email states that the user can claim the annual rewards by the company as a Costco wholesale member.

Some messages claimed that the shopper had won the covid-19 relief package by Costco, and to redeem it; they need to click on the provided link and fill in the required personal information.


Some mails have assured the customers of winning Exclusive offers or major Giveaways on Costco once they complete the provided survey in the email link.

Costco warned its loyal members in the United States to beware of these scams by releasing an updated summary of all reported scams prevalent in the past so that the customers can be familiarized with the scenario and be cautious while responding.

Dishonest phishing texts such as these normally introduce customers as sir/madam, whereas legitimate organizations designate the complete name of the customer.

There is frequently a grammar gaffe or poor structure in the expression of emails of the scammers, whereas the mails from trustworthy sources are well composed and factually accurate.


These fundamental precepts must constantly be in the mind of people before replying to any arbitrary mail.

If a scam or message comes to your note, it is advised to report them to track the offenders.

What are user reviews?

Costco is a very successful wholesale brand with many stores across the United States. Costco is among the topmost choices for the everyday marketing of almost all Americans. The Costco membership has been very well accepted in the community and has been showered with commendable reviews.

From customer service to handling products and brand management, they have been excelling in all the fields for quite some time now.


Their response to the Costco text scam situation was well planned and informative for the members and earned them many praises for raising awareness.

Costco was founded in 1976, which determines it has been in the market in the United States for almost 44 years now. With its wholesale warehouses in each city and corner in America, there is no ambiguity over its legitimacy. It is a very successful, well-known wholesale, retail label. It is very beneficial to the members, and the significant community is a part of it, with 105.5 million active members who rely on it for essential services every day.


Unfortunately, such a Costco text scam has been reported. Despite so many campaigns towards fraudulent emails and cons, many members have fallen victim to such hoaxes. It is always prudent to be very careful while providing personal details.

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