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Curlyhairsettlement com? Have you used Deva cut hair products and faced hair fall and other hair damage conditions? You must go through this article to know about the lawsuit filed against them by unsatisfied customers. In the last few months, many customers have reported their claims of damaged hair by using their products which became the cause of this lawsuit.

DevaCurl is a brand based in the United States that started as a special place for curly hair women. It was a beacon of hope for the heavily curled hairs since 1994. But recently, people started addressing issues caused by their products. Read further to know more.

What is Deva Curl, and why the brand value caused damage?

In 1994, Deva curl started as a salon for curly-haired ladies. But, owing to the popularity, they launched a line of hair products that could help all the curly women around the globe. Recently, Ayesha Malik, a blogger and content creator of Deva Curls, posted a video.


It was about how she has got several hair problems using this brand product and why she doesn’t affiliate with them. Her video became the starting of accusations on their products.

Suddenly lots of people, starting stating their issues too. She explained in an interview that her hair was healthier before using the hair care items from Deva Curl and pleaded with others to be transparent about their views.

Their brand value is seriously damaged and, many social media influencers have stepped back from promoting their services. Continue reading to know if you are eligible to get the benefits of this settlement on curlyhairsettlement com.


People have formed various pages against the brand on Facebook and, one of the customers has filed a lawsuit against them. After this, many other customers have flocked to get recouped of their losses.

What is curlyhairsettlement com?

An old customer reached the court to plead for the damage that Deva Curl has caused to her hair. The defendants have finally reached a settlement by the law to fix the issues. It states that the products manufactured by Deva curls have caused severe damage like hair loss and scalp issues that are personal injuries.

They also us that their Marketing Strategy promotes slogans and practices that are misleading. But Deva Curl has denied all the accusations and don’t take responsibility for creating sny misleading advertisement.


They have claimed that their quality team has made sure that every product fulfills all the standard bars set by the cosmetic industry. But, both parties have settled to close the case. It was a suggestion by the District Court of the United States on 30 July 2021.

Who can benefit from the settlement?

Anyone who has purchased their products from 28 February 2008 to 29 August 2021 can claim their payment from the settlement. The deva curls have a wide range of products and, if you have used any of their cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, or hair styling items, you can apply. These products by name are:

  •  The Curl Maker
  • Arc AnGEL
  • DevaCare Low-Poo
  • B’Leave In
  • Deep Sea Repair
  • Spray Gel
  • One Condition Delight
  • Buildup Buster
  • Heaven in Hair
  • Shine Spray
  • Ultra-Defining Gel
  • Wash Day Wonder

The list goes on. You can visit curlyhairsettlement com to know more.

How to apply for your claim?


There are two ways in which you can participate in this settlement. Either you can stand with the defendants or against them. If you are in the latter category, then follow these steps.

  • Use any device that has an active internet connection.
  • Go to the browser and search and load the webpage.
  • You will see a form on it. You need to fill in all the details correctly.
  • Press submits
  • You will receive the confirmation after some time.
  • Make sure you submit it before 21 November 2021.

Have you used their products but do not want to apply for the claim? Then you will be considered as a supporting party of the defendants.


Curlyhairsettlement com is a chance for all the people who have suffered from hair damage by using Deva Curl products. It is your right to claim the penalty and, you must apply before the last date. We would recommend you do a background search before filling the form.

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