Direct Recovery Services Scam


Are you wondering what the entire fuss is regarding the Direct Recovery Services scam and want to protect yourself from being a possible target? We are here with a detailed guide about the company Direct Recovery Services and the scam they have been roped in. this article will also present you with the user reviews on their services.

Many users in the United States have fallen victim to their inappropriate services, and people need to be aware of the federal laws that protect them against these scams. Any customer who this organization has wronged can sue them for inappropriate handling of the case. They need to be careful while associating with them. 

What are direct recovery services?


The Direct Recovery Services is a debt collection agency. Even though they are legitimate, they have recently received major backlash due to how they conduct business.

We have created a detailed table to get you an insight into the specifications of the organization.

Address – The address provide is 629 7th Ave, Two Harbors, MN 55616
Phone –  The provided phone number on their website is 855-269-9319
Fax –  The provided fax details on their website is 718-873-9619
Email – The customers can mail them any query on the email address-
Business started– They started their business in the year 2012, they have been in business for 8 years.
Website address – the users can load their webpage by using the web address

What is the direct recovery services scam?

The debt collection agency has been accused of several charges by the customers.


The customers have accused them of infringement of the fair debt collection practices act (FDCPA). They have also been alleged for sharing the pieces of information of their customers to the third party. There are charges against them for making improper contacts. They have also been accused of threatening the customers to take actions that are not legally permissible.

With so many accusations hurled their way, the users have been very disgruntled and respond very negatively to their services on online platforms. They have received a very major backlash and have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Even though no legal actions have been filed against them, neither are there any existing open cases against the Direct Recovery Services for the FDCPA violations.

What are the user reviews?


The users and their customers across the United States are very disgruntled with their services and have showered them with major backlash online regarding the Direct Recovery Services scam. Such negative comments are detrimental to their brand, and their user trust score may be affected considerably. 

They need to make reprimands to restore the faith of the users in them to conduct business in the country. They have been accused of threatening customers with vague laws which are not permissible to enact. It is advised to be aware of all your rights and laws that protect you before interacting with them in any unfavorable situation.

Are direct recovery services legit?

The Direct Recovery Services are legitimate. They are a national and worldwide collection agency that works on a contingency basis. To be more precise, they get paid a fixed percentage of what the collector recovers for the agency they work for. 


The contingency fee depends on how old the case dues are. The dues recovered from the recent cases offer a greater contingency percentage than others, which are comparatively older. 


We recommend reading about all the complaints and customer grievances against them regarding the Direct Recovery Services scam to understand the matter in depth. Also, make yourself aware of the laws that protect you. Read more about them on their website regarding their authenticity and the services they provide. 

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