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Ecobox reviews? Start your brand but do not know where to get the wrapping and packing utilities from or shift to a new house or dorm room for your college years. We have the perfect brand that can help you with both these problems.

Ecobox makes cardboard boxes for packing and transferring items in the United States. They also contain other needed items like bubble bags. We present you the customer’s reviews from them to help you decide whether to buy from them or not.

What is Ecobox?

Ecobox deals in moving and shipping supplies. Along with it, they also recycle used boxes to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. It got found in 1994 with a unique idea and some used boxes in a shed. They started with selling moving boxes but expanded to a variety of products in the future.


Now you can also get bubble wrap, tape, wrapping sheets, packing peanuts, and much more. Some features of the website:

  • They deal in more than 450 types of packing material and boxes.
  • You can customize it with your brand logo and order in bulk.
  • If you live outside Texas, you can get free delivery and next-day shipping.
  • Become their business partner to get special discounts and offers.
  • Recycling is their motive to help our environment thrive.
  • They use the latest technology and marketing strategy to manage production and sales.
  • There is an extensive network of stores in the United States.
  • There are many testimonials present on their website.
  • They try to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

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  • Call them at 888-932-6269.
  • The email addresses provided for each problem are:
    • Sales – sales(at)ecobox(dot)com
    • Purchasing – purchasing(at)ecobox(dot)com
    • Accounting – accounting(at)ecobox(dot)com
    • Shipping – shipping(at)ecobox(dot)com
    • Franchise Info – franchise(at)ecobox(dot)com
    • Jobs – jobs(at)ecobox(dot)com
    • Webmaster – webmaster(at)ecobox(dot)com
  • You can find your nearest store on the website for direct purchase.
  • If you visit the store, you pay through any option available there. When buying from the website, use payment through online methods.
  • You can deliver on the same day if you live in Austin, San Antonio, and Bryan, TX for $75 charges.
  • Bext day delivery charges are according to your location.
  • It provides boxes in the whole United States and internationally.
  • Their return policy applies within 30 days. Returns worth more than$75 will get charged for the restocking fee.
  • Refunds get deposited in your bank, or you can get store credit.


  • There is no minimum order limit.
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • You can customize the size and logo of your brand.
  • Shipping is very low.
  • Fast delivery services
  • Wide variety of products for moving and shipping.


  • Mediocre trust score.
  • International orders get delayed. There are many countries in which they do not ship.
  • No detailed information about the owner.

Is ecobox a legitimate website?

Any brand that has walk-in stores available in the country is considered an authentic source. Since ecobox has many, you can directly purchase from them. The website got created in 2003.


It has a mediocre trust score of 55.9%, which is not very good. Many e-commerce giants are also selling their products on their online portals. Multiple Ecobox reviews are present on the website that appreciate their services.

Every year the total amount of boxes used in the US will circumscribe 113,267,000 cubic feet of landfill. Therefore, ecobox has found a way to recycle them and use them for making new boxes.

Most of the aspects and details present on the website seem authentic. We might conclude it to be a legitimate website but, you can do some research before trusting them blindly.

What are the Ecobox reviews?


All the testimonials present on the website speak highly of the product and quality of Ecobox. Pandora stated that she bought new and recycled boxes from Ecobox. The representative was very friendly and helped in all the utilities to packing her artwork and china dishes.

The shipping charges are user-friendly and, you can get fast delivery through any carrier service. She suggests it to her friends and family.

We found that Ecobox received 4.4/5 stars on the e-commerce giant selling its products. Customers have posted it to be a spacious, strong, sturdy, and superb product.


On other open platforms, it got rated 4.5/5 stars. It indicates that most of the users are happy with their purchases. It is available on all social media but does not have a very influential presence.


This website seems like an authentic source but, if it is your first time buying from them. We will recommend you to visit the store and get a better insight into their items.

Read ecobox reviews before affiliating with them. It will help you decide their legitimacy.

Social mediaYes
Trust score55.9%
Customer reviewsYes
SSL encryptionYes

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