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Are you having doubts about ecommsell legit? Suppose you have a great fascination with iPhones and known about Ecommsell and wanting to see if you can rely on it. In that case, this article will help you with the information that we collected over extensive research. 

This company from the United States is trusted by most of the buyers. But what is so special about this site, and why is it getting so much attention in recent times? Let us answer all your questions and conclude how good this website is for buying an iPhone or an iPad.

What is ecommsell?

eCommSell sells electronic devices such as mobile phones, i-Pads, and mobile accessories for lower prices. This site is known for selling, especially the refurbished mobiles and accessories. The company is a 7-year old whose aim is to redeem the damaged electronic devices and make them new ones by facilitating excellent new features.

As we throw away useless devices, which are not bio-degradable, they harm the environment. This business collects the destroyed devices from the customers and customizes the old ones with new parts to give them the best new look. It is the number one refurbishing business which is aimed to cause less harm to the environment. 


Let us see the particulars of this site before we conclude ecommsell legit. 


  • Categories you can shop: Refurbished iPhones, refurbished ipads, android mobiles, and all kinds of mobile accessories.
  • Contact information: St. Loius, Missouri, United States.
  • Email address: Not mentioned on the website.
  • Payment strategies: Payments can be made using Visa card, Master card, Apple pay, American Express card, Discover card, Paypal, Cash App, After pay. 
  • Shipping Infomation: They transport to all parts of the United States. 
  • Delivery information: Products are shipped and delivered within 2-10 business days. 
  • Order tracking: You can track the status of your order from the website itself.

Now, let us also know how you will be benefitted by buying here, before 


  • As they sell refurbished mobiles and other renovated mobile accessories, the prices are very low.
  • They have a mobile application on the google play store and the Apple store so that you can shop easily with their app.
  • They offer free shipping for every product. They only charge if you chose express shipping.
  • You will also get a 10% discount if you subscribe to their application.
  • You are getting the most fascinated apple products, which were refurbished, but feel like new ones.


No such big issues found till now; please comment below if you’ve faced any problems.

Is ecommsell legit?

The company is having their applications for all the mobiles, including IOS. So it tells us that this is a certified and developed business.

They have social media presence over Facebook and Instagram as well.


This company holds an average customer rating of 4.8, which says they have received a positive response from customers.

They have refurbished over 10,000 mobiles now, as the website mentions.

With these points, we can say that the website is a legit and legal one. But let us see customer feedback to know at what rate people trust this business.

What do customers say?

Upon our research, we have found a good customer response for their service and products. 


We have mentioned a few of the reviews for your better understanding and to whether it is Ecommsell legit:

Arnold says 

‘In the last two weeks, I have now purchased two devices from ecommsell, and they have more than met my expectations. Both devices came professionally packaged and looked brand new out of the box. Both devices were shipped out quickly and were in my possession within two business days. Great price and stellar service. Should the need arise again to buy another device, I will not hesitate to purchase from ecommsell.’

In Paul’s words, 

‘It’s going to clock a year. I bought this in April. It is such a good product you won’t even know it’s refurbished. Definitely will continue buying discounted products from here.’


Joshua says, 

‘It came in great condition, no scratches, and a screen protector, which is always a plus! The battery was 95% when I got it, which is good for a refurbished phone. I’m happy about my purchase’.

These reviews reveal that, at a higher rate, they are satisfied with the company and its service.


Suppose you want to know If ecommsell legit or a scam; we can tell you that this is legit. Also, as it has good customer feedback, you can go if you wish to buy refurbished mobiles and accessories, it may even be a good option to go for.

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