How to Make and Edit a Killer YouTube Video that Keeps Viewers Watching


YouTube is one of the top platforms that have gained quality and consistent audience after the most popular platform, Google. You will be amazed to know that 6 out of every 10 online users choose online video platforms for gaining knowledge and getting entertained over live TV. This makes this video platform quite demanding in the current years, thanks to its attractive features and faster access to the outside world in just a few clicks.

To stand out of the intensive competition, you need to make sure that you create the finest videos in your best capacity that offer the right dose of value to your audience.

Here are some of the expert-recommended tips to make and edit an impressive YouTube video that will keep the audience engaged while watching the videos on your YouTube channel:

1. Focus on the Quality

Popular YouTube video editor brand, it suggests creating a video that focuses on 1080p resolution for the YouTube platform. This resolution is optimal and offers an appreciating high-definition video. You need to understand that if any issues are happening while bringing the video to an acceptable format, 720p is the minimum requirement in terms of resolution. It is essential to use proper lighting in the area where the video is supposed to be shot.


You can get started with a greenscreen for a decent background. You can even explore new background designs and styles based on your YouTube channel’s theme. It is crucial to ensure that the background you choose works in favor of the video and your YouTube channel’s growth.

2. Aim to create a storyline

Imagine watching a video with a bland vibe that fails to keep you watching the video until the end. Then you switch to the following suggested video to gain the information you are looking for or get entertained during your work or study breaks.

Here comes the role of a real and exciting storyline. The presenter in the video must focus on a storyline that keeps the viewers interested in the video and makes them come back to watch videos on your YouTube channel.

To get started, you can learn a framework that will help create an interesting storyline that aligns with the video’s topic. In this way, the viewers can receive the required information without hurrying to leave the video ASAP. This will ensure a speedy increase in engagement in your YouTube channels at a much faster pace.

3. Add Interesting Elements


With the steady rise in the number of YouTube channels every month, viewers have many options when they start searching or scrolling YouTube’s home feed. So, it’s crucial to create interesting videos to keep the audience engaged in the best possible manner. This also helps create a social impact with the assistance of the videos that align with the target audience’s interest.

You must choose these striking elements based on the niche of your video. This includes educational and entertainment videos. Get started with something you admire and believe in your craft. You will see that over time. Your YouTube channel starts attracting the right audience.

If you are the presenter or speaker in the video, you need to express your positivity and passion. When you are excited, you will find that the audience also tunes with your energy and feels encouraged while watching your YouTube videos.

4. Edit and Polish

Creating a video is crucial in the entire process, but editing the footage to the desired result is even more critical. Video editing has evolved to a great extent in the last few years. You must reap the latest features and advancements in the video editing field to implement the expert-recommended tips and tricks that help you achieve the best results from the final presentation of the video.


With the help of proper editing, you can easily take your video’s performance and engagement to the next level. It’s important to keep video points precise and smartly offer the information. You need to filter and remove the segments in the primary video where you feel that your audience will get bored, and there are high chances of leaving from the respective part of the video. These days timestamps are quite beneficial for most viewers.

You can add this feature in your video and help your viewers reach their desired minute if they are in a hurry.  

5. Keep it Catchy and Straightforward

You will be tempted to see several videos online that showcase a wide range of advanced effects and features in their videos, but it is essential to understand that simplicity helps in building a loyal audience in the long term.

You can add animated transitions and effects that reflect simplicity in the videos. It’s recommended to get started with basic editing and explore various effects over time based on the results achieved. You can indeed experiment with different formats and presentations in your future videos.


YouTube video creators must reap the maximum potential of YouTube analytics to find what’s working for them and what’s not. Depending on what’s working for your channel, you can introduce something new in your YouTube videos.

6. Convert to the Right Format

The recommended bitrate for a video with 1080p is 10,000,000 to 20,000,000. One of the points that must be considered is that the video quality improves with the bit rate. There are chances of video breakdown if the bit rate is much lower than the recommended bit rate.

You can utilize quality and result-oriented YouTube video editors to achieve the best form of your craft that your audience will love to watch.

Thus, these are some of the most beneficial tips that will help you to create and finalize a YouTube video that will help you gain a loyal YouTube audience over the upcoming months. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with creating your videos with the help of these advanced tips and tricks and see your craft reaching your audience in no time.

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