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If you want to know how to play games at education com/games/play, this article will help you as a guide. What are the types of games available on this site? Are the games suitable for all ages? How can we access all the games available here? We will be answering all these questions in the following sessions, so pursue to read till the end.

It is a well-known fact that children are also more interested in playing games, not only in the United States. So it would be a good option if we choose a few educational games and make them play to get knowledge. Also, this is one of the better ways to make their learning enjoyable. Let us know more about this.


What is education.com?

This site is designed for students from kg to 8th grade. It is an online gaming site where children can find educational games and play them. The website is designed for all subjects. Apart from playing games at education com/games/play, the site also offers lesson plans, worksheets, science experiments, art projects, writing prompts, and many other games.

You can access this site by using any of the two plans they provide. One is the free version, and the other one is a premium subscription. With the subscription, you can have unlimited access that you won’t have in the free version.

Basic members have access to a monthly sample of three items which you can select from games, worksheets, lesson plans, activities, and other resources. Premium members receive unlimited access to all content.

How to get started at education com/games/play?

Here are the steps you need to follow at this site to let your children access all the activities mentioned.

  1. First of all, visit their site at: www.education.com
  2. On the top right corner, you will see an option called ‘Sign up.
  3. When you click on it, you will be asked to enter a few details.
  4. Please enter the correct information of your children, especially the standard they are in.
  5. And then opt between the basic version or premium version.
  6. Select your convenient payment method if you opt for the premium version.
  7. You are done with registering now.

After you sign up, you will have all access to all the activities over the site. Let us see what the best games recommended to play on this site are.

Best games to play:

Vocabulary spelling city

This program is a K-12 supplemental literacy tool designed to help children learn spelling and hone grammar skills at every learning level. Plus, it helps them build vocabulary retention and reading comprehension.

You can try out 40+ free online spelling games which come with pre-populated word lists. They also offer a premium membership that gives your child access to all of Vocabulary Spelling City’s games with customized lists, homework practice, and more.

It is put up in the first place as vocabulary is one of the essential aspects of education and communication skills. You can access this game at education       com/games/play. 

Learn the game for health

It is a science game. When it comes to health, children must learn about their bodies early to stay healthy. Although this website is outdated, 36 health-related games across four categories will help children love to care about their health.

From allergies and body parts to dental hygiene and staying fit, playing these games can introduce them to new concepts and help reinforce what they learn in school.

Prodigy Math game

Prodigy is the free, engaging, fantasy-based math platform used by over 100 million students, teachers, and parents worldwide. It’s curriculum-aligned, offering content from every significant math topic from 1st to 8th grade. 

Above all, Prodigy Education’s mission is to help every student in the world to love learning. After creating their personalized math wizard, your child will compete in math duels against in-game characters, similar to how role-playing games such as Pokémon do. 

To win, they must answer sets of questions. The game also adapts in difficulty to suit your child’s learning style and grade level.

These are the three games known as best which are played at education com/games/play. 


We have mentioned all the essential details and the steps you need to follow when you visit this site, along with the best games available. 

You can put up your queries in the comment section if any. Also, stay tuned to us for more information like this. 

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