Elite 4 Brilliant Diamond – Weakness, Rematch, Victory Road


Get the complete details for Elite 4 brilliant diamond? Know how to beat the elite four and the Champions to lead the scoreboard. Also, know the hidden tricks?

The pokemon game releases new stories and levels to intrigue players. It brings in a new audience and gives a chance to the old players to explore new areas and battles.

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Pokemon is the most famous theme in the United States, and many people love their concept. This elite four is an obstacle to clearing the brilliant diamond stage. 

What is Elite 4 brilliant diamond?


The pokemon game is released some updated levels called brilliant diamonds. You need to tackle some opponents and win battles to clear this story. 

The elite four is the last part to finish this story and win the final reward. To get into the battle, you must have some tools and skills to beat the four champs.

It is necessary to get eight gym badges before starting the fight. After beating all four elite trainers, you will face the champion, Cynthia. Every trainer has five unique Pokemon with some skill set. You shall prepare well before going into battle. 

The trainers in this competition are more difficult to fight because of their competitive stats. They have unique moves and strategies. Elite 4 brilliant diamond is the last stage of the story. After this, you will face the final champion, Cynthia.

How to Prepare for this battle?

You need to collect a few items before facing the Elite 4 brilliant diamond trainees. Make sure that you have a balanced party. The Pokemon you are planning to use must be above 55 levels. You can also include powerful moves and characters at more than 60 levels. 


Keep plenty of healing tools because you will face all the trainees consequently. Remember that each one of them will fully restore during each fight. So be prepared and take appropriate precautions for it.

The Elite Four’s trainee and Pokemon?

Here are the four trainees you will fight in this Elite 4 brilliant diamond. We have detailed the Pokemon they use to help you prepare for the battles.


This trainee has skills for fighting bug Pokemon or flying creatures. He can put down any pokemon with wind power or bug skill. Most creatures he brings are trained for rock moves and can only get defeated through ground movement and powers.

These are his Pokemon for Elite 4 brilliant diamond:

  • Heracross at 54 level
  • Dustox at 53 level
  • Vespiquen at 53 level
  • Drapionat 57 level
  • Beautifly at 54 level



She is a trainee for ground skills. You can opt for any type like water, wind, grass abilities to beat her. But make sure it is above level60. You shall target her weakness of quadrupled type. 

These are her Pokemon to use in battle:

  • Golem at 56 level
  • Quagsire at 55 level
  • Hippowdon at 59 level
  • Sudowoodo at 56 level
  • Whiscash at 55 level 


This trainee is fire-type, and all of his Pokemon possess at least one powerful fire move. Though, there are only two fully fire-trained characters in his team. He is not a threat as he looks. 

Make sure you bring in water move fighters to counteract his fire moves. You can also get a dark type to fight against Drifblim.


These are his Pokemon for the fight:

  • Drifblim at 58 level
  • Steelix at 57 level
  • Infernape at 57 level
  • Rapidash at 58 level
  • Lopunny at 57 level


His specialty is using psychic moves and abilities. You can prepare yourself by bringing dark Pokemon or ghostly skills. Create a blast or use powerful moves to take them down in a single go. Girafarig creature is not affected by ghost skills, so you need to have other type moves too.

These are his Pokemon for the fight:

  • Medicham at 60 level
  • Mr. Mime at 59 level
  • Bronzong 63 level
  • Girafarig at 59 level
  • Alakazam at 60 level


Elite 4 brilliant diamond is the last stage of this Pokemon game story, and you will face four difficult trainees. It is a famous update played by many people in the United States. The finale gets accompanied by battling the champion Cynthia. Make sure you take healing tools to restore yourself after each battle.

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