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This article will give all highlights about fitpulse reviews and details. Exercising and having a good physique are trending these days. Gyms are full. We often feel sore muscle pain, backache, leg pain, etc. This website will cure your pain effortlessly.

This is the United Kingdom website where millions of customers have reviewed. This site is popular amongst the nation for its incredible functions. To know more about it, let’s move on with the article.

What is

Fitpulse is a label that deals with gym-related tool. The main product of the website is a fitpulse massage gun which vanishes the pain quickly. It has become a leading brand that only focuses on enhancing the pieces of training of customers. 


It provides a unique technology that will help customers to gain strength and fitness goals without hassles. We will be discussing fitpulse reviews in the paragraph below.


  • It is a brand that owns a different range of massage guns.
  • There is a summer sale going on the website.
  • It provides a 30% offer on selected items.
  • If you sign up for their newsletter, users can get an additional 10% off.


  • Address – 799 275 new north road London, N1 7AA, united kingdom
  • Email address- support(at)fitpulse(dot)com
  • Phone- + 001 (856) 474-101
  • Website- www(at)fitpulsestore(dot)com
  • Shipping- worldwide
  • Shipping charges- extra
  • Refund/return- available
  • Mode of payment- Visa, MasterCard, PayPal
  • Main product- Massaging guns


  • Massaging guns have various ranges.
  • Offer is available on the website:
  • The prices are satisfying.
  • From moderate to high, power watt.
  • Free shipping on all orders.


  • The website only offers massaging guns.
  • The product cannot provide pain relaxation to many.

Range of products?

Pro massage gun- it costs 89.99 dollars, but in the sale, it is $62.90. It is a premium product that has helped release muscle tension. It is a silent piece where you don’t hear any noise while using it.


Max massage gun- it is the second premium product and costs around $79.99. The sale price is $59.99. It also releases muscle tension and increases blood flow. It is a quiet product.

Chirogun revives- It costs $99.99, and on sale, it is for 79.90 dollars. It is the most ergonomic-focused massage gun that works for muscle recovery. It provides an excellent grip position and targets hard-to-reach areas.

Chirogun 180- it costs $79.99, and on sale, it is for $63.99. The rotating handle can turn 180 degrees to provide maximum coverage and maximum pain relief.

Deluxe massage gun- the actual price is $59.99, and the sale price is $41.99. It has the same functions as a pro massage gun but with more minor features.

Is legit?


Based on various factors, we are declaring this website as legitimate and safe to use. The following factors are listed below-

  • From a reliable website, we found a high trust score from a trusted source.
  • The product is available on Amazon as well.
  • There were good fitpulse reviews by users found.
  • We have seen the company has provided accurate contact details.
  • No fraudulent case has yet been found.
  • We have seen a decent social media presence.

Fitpulse reviews by customers?

There is a review section available on the site which claims it to be safe and legitimate. From the site, we saw 4.5-star ratings for the product, which is commendable.

There were 10220 reviews found by the customers, which ensured that the site had a good user reach.


Few users claimed it as easy to use, great value for money, provides instant pain relief, quick delivery, and a lot more.

We have seen some complaints stating that the customer service is not very active and the user manual should have more guidance.


We have provided unbiased fitpulse reviews and also the legitimacy of the website. Deep research has been to declare the results. We hope you will find the article helpful and also share it with your peers.

We would appreciate it if you share your experience with us for more confirmation.

Trust scoreSatisfied
SSL encryptionVerified
Customer’s reviewGood
Social media presenceyes

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