Fnaf.web — Five Nights at Freddy’s Web 2022


Full details on Fnaf.web? Are you a fan of horror genre games then you must be acquainted with Fnaf games?

It is a fun-filled platform where you need to fight some mystical creators and protect yourself.

They keep updating their plot/theme by bringing new characters and stories. In this article, we will discuss FnaF: Web of Lies. Read further to know each detail on this topic.

What is FNAF?


FNAF stands for Five Nights at Freddy’s. It is a popular game launched in 2014 by American media with Scott Cawthon as creator and Leon Riskin as a composer.

The platform gained millions of visits with popularity owing to its unique theme with the horror/survival genre. It operates on all platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, PS4/PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo switch. Continue reading to know more on Fnaf.web of lies.

The game got last updated in December 2021. The backstory connects you to a heritage restaurant of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. You get to play eight levels in different locations filled with mysterious creatures.


The game has a night theme and, your character seems to be a worker stuck between some animatronic organisms. Use hiding places like vents, doors, and other tools like lights/cameras to survive.

The franchise has expanded beyond this game. Many spinoffs and series together encompass it as a big fictional world. You can even buy some exclusive merchandise from them.

What is Fnaf.web?

It is a series filled with music launched by the brand. The members are similar to the previous FNAF franchise. It got released in 2019 and created much Buzz around the United States. The musically’s screenplay featured Adrisaurus and got launched by random encounters. They have kept the essence of this game in the series.

The musical got appreciated by presenting various awards in 2019.

  • Gale the Mack got nominated for the best prop.
  • Server room of this musical series won the best set or location award.
  • Adriana got nominated for the best lead character in her role as Elizabeth.
  • Glitchtrap got the award for best costume.
  • They won the award for best music and lyrics.
  • Casey Dwyer God award for best villain for the character of glitch trap.
  • They also got the best musically of the year award in 2019.

The plot of the musically


The Fnaf.web of lies series start with a previous review of FNAF old plots.  The famous restaurant is under suspicion because of the various mysterious murders and disappearances of kids happening nearby. There is someone sinister living in the area.

The scene opens up by bringing you up to Mike’s murder. The policeman and the manager talk about the disappearance of three kids in the last few months from the famous restaurant. They share various incidents of the past and all the suspicious activities happening around the location.

The policeman is under the surge of losing his license because of the various crimes performed in his area. He is all set to give it his best shot and find the criminal.


The scene starts by speaking to the attendant to shut the restaurant and get another job but, he gets angry. After throwing a paper ball at Freddy’s picture he gets a horror idea of waking up the animatronics for murdering the policeman. Watch the series to see what happens next and how the plot twist.

Characters of the musically

These are the characters present in the Fnaf.web of lies:

  • Mr. Can-Do
    • Adrisaurus (Adriana Figueroa) as Elizabeth
    • No. 1 Crate
    • Orville Elephant
    • Vacuum
    • Balloon Boy
    • MatPat featuring as Phone Guy
    • CG5 plays Manager
    • Casey Dwyer is the Glitchtrap
    • Bucket Bob
    • Xander Mobus featured for Freddy Fazbear
    • Eggs Benedict
    • The Puppet
    • David King in the character of Foxy
    • The Beard
    • NateRE for Inspector
    • Sarah Williams is the Chica
    • Pan Stan
    • AJ in the character of Bonnie
    • Springtrap
    • Pigpatch


Do you like FNAF? It is one of their spin-off series musically. The lyrics and plot are interesting. They have gathered many awards and much attention from the audience in the United States. It is a must-watch series if you are into music and dance.

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