Free Radio Cash Register 2021


Free radio cash register 2021? Do you believe in luck? If you think you are fortunate, then we may have a deal for you. Free radio hosts a giveaway every day for its listeners. You can register online and get a chance to win the cash prize. 

There are so many people in the United States who put their money in lotteries and reward games. Not all of them are trustworthy. Read further to know if Free Radio is worthy of your time and dime.

What is free radio cash register 2021?

Planet is hosting giveaways through Free Radio and, you can win it right there! They host shows each morning and reveal the cash prize of the day at 8 am. You can note it down to remember. Then go to the online link and register for the competition. 


If you are lucky enough, you will get a call from them at 3 pm. They will ask you to convert the amount into pounds or pence. If you answer correctly, you become the winner of the day. You can use the prize to buy a car, go on vacation, get a new house and pay for your education.

What if nobody can answer? It means that there will be no winners for that day. But, do not get disappointed. As in this scenario, the entries will become valid for the consecutive day giveaway. 

This giveaway is a Hits Radio Networks competition and, they have posted all the guidelines about it on the planet website.


You shall go through all terms and conditions before investing in them. The registration process is simple through an SMS or online.

How to register for the free radio cash prize?

Do you want to participate in the free radio cash register 2021? Follow these steps to get registered and win it.

  • Firstly make sure that you listen to the radio in the morning. Ir will announce the cash amount at 8 am. 
  • Note it down and convert it into pennies and pounds. Keep it handy all day as you may get a call from the Radio station.
  • For registering your name in their list, you can type WIN in your message box and send it to 63103.
  • The other method is online.
  • You can use any device with an active internet connection.
  • Go to the official website of planet
  • In the menu bar, you will see the option Cash Register.
  • Click it!
  • A new page will open. Here you can find how to play, terms conditions, and their old winners.
  • You will see a register option 
  • Enter the details and press continue.
  • Your registration is confirmed and, now you need to wait for the call at 3 pm.

Is this a legitimate giveaway?

Planet Radio is a well-known brand and has millions of trusted listeners. They are hosting this event in the United States and other countries. There is no charge for registration, which is good because they cannot scam you if you are not paying anything. The quickest way to register is through SMS. 

We read all the terms and conditions for the competition. Nothing seems skeptical. But, they have mentioned having the right to announce the prize money anytime through the show. Due to this, you might have to stay on the radio for a whole day. 


All the previous winners’ details are present on the website so you can get assurance of their legitimacy. There are no boundaries to how you need to spend the cash prize. All these aspects make it a credible platform but do some research before trusting them.

Reviews by the listeners of Planet radio?

Planet Radio is a loved station and multiple fans. The radio jockeys are very famous in their regions. There were no reviews about the free radio cash register 2021 on the website. 

We found some YouTube videos in which people were getting asked a question to win. We failed to locate any feedback on open sources.


They have listed the prize winners in the domain and, you check out the link under the category. 

The website is available on all social media. You can follow them to get more insight. The registration is free. We will ask our readers to try their luck. But, we have no testimonials of their authenticity.


Free radio cash register 2021? Win a huge cash prize and fulfill all your dreams at once. The registration is quick. Keep listening to the radio for updates and follow them on social media for more information.

Please share your experience with us. We love hearing from you.

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