We are here to review the platform that claims to generate free Robux for the users who perform some very simple tasks.

The users based in the United States love the games on Roblox and are looking for shortcuts to generate free Robux easily. Such recklessness led them to trouble, and they end up getting trapped in unfavorable circumstances. Always do a background investigation into the claims of any website that you are about to use.

What is

It is an online website that claims to generate the free Roblox currency called the Robux. It asks for the Roblox username and then requires the users to complete some very easy tasks such as participating in a few surveys, solving quizzes, downloading apps, and doing a human verification.


After completing all these tasks, they can generate the desired Roblox.

 Suspicious activities have been tracked on websites with such claims; hence, we suggest proceeding with a secondary account to ensure you do not get scammed or lose any primarily existing Robux. 

If you desire to generate free Robux on the platform, follow these very simple steps mentioned below.

Only after you succeed in your endeavors should you attempt the exercise with your primary account. Be very vigilant throughout the entire procedure.

How to generate Robux on FreeRobux?

  • Firstly, make sure that the device you plan to use has an active internet connection before following any further steps.
  • In the designated box, enter the web address and allow it the time to load successfully.
  • Once the webpage has loaded, follow the instructions further.
  • Then, you will be required to enter the Roblox username in the given place.
  • The users also need to select the device they use among the apple, android, windows, and Xbox.
  • There are symbols given of all the above devices, and you need to click on any one of the symbols to select them.
  • The website does not ask for any user’s password or credit card information.
  • Give it some time to intercept the instructions.
  • Then, you need to enter the number of Robux you wish to generate on the platform.
  • Then, the website will ask for human verification that you need to participate in.
  • Please allow it some time to generate the Robux.
  • Then, it will ask the users to perform some very simple tasks such as participating in surveys, downloading apps, etc.
  • Once all the above steps have been executed successfully, you will get the desired Robux.

We followed and tested all these steps mentioned above on the website. 

Is the FreeRobux legit or not?

Everyone in the United States is aware of Roblox’s legitimacy and the digital currency Robux. The Robux can be purchased on the playstore using real money. Any platform that claims to generate free Robux is usually placed under the suspicious radar. We did a thorough analysis on the website and failed to find any authenticity in their claims.

They ask the users to perform several tasks but failed to deliver the claimed Robux. Hence we do not consider the website legit and would not suggest any affiliation with it.

What was our experience on the platform?


We participated in the surveys and sent them the final results. When it came to claiming the free Robux, we were transferred to another webpage that seemed suspicious and had no Robux to offer.

We immediately logged of the page and realized we had been scammed.

We followed all the instructions on the website. After loading the webpage and providing our Roblox username, we were asked about the number of Robux we wish to generate. After completing the human verification, we were given a few tasks to complete successfully. 

 This was our experience with the platform, and it might have been different for different people. We would suggest caution while associating with them.

What is the FreeRobux Review?


There is no review section on the website; neither do they have any social media presence on any of the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

When we tried to locate any response about them on the open platforms, there weren’t any accurate responses to our dismay. We stumbled upon the reviews where most users have called such websites with such claims a scam. 


These websites are rarely reliable and need to be handled with utmost care. Log out of the platform at any moment you detect some suspicion. 

Please share your experience with us, as we love hearing from our readers.

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