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This article will uncover the legitimacy of this newly established chairs selling store by considering Gd chairs com reviews. Everyone will be so passionate about fixing chairs in their new home or for their newly set garden right.

We think to go for the best option available on the market as it is a one-time purchase. This is a new store that came into existence in the United States. We will use it for years if we buy it once. Because of this reason, we don’t hesitate to check all the legitimacy points of the store from where we are thinking to buy, and also we would like to take feedback from the ones who already brought products from it.


If we are buying them offline, we will consider information like quality and sustainability. But if it is online, we have to worry about whether it is legit or a scam. In the next sessions, you will be getting honest information about gd chairs that may help you decide whether you can buy from them or not.

What are gd chairs?

Gd chairs is an E-commerce store that is selling everything related to chairs. The products include sofa sets, dining sets, and garden chairs, etc. 

This virtual store has just started last year, having its website built around 6 months ago. It is not known to have a production house or an offline selling system. 


So let us see how far it is reliable by having a check for legitimacy and Gd chairs com reviews.


  • Link for their official website:
  • The date on which the website domain is created: December 2020.
  • Category of the website: Fashion and home decors.
  • Products on the website are categorized as Sofa Sets, Dining table chairs, and garden chairs.
  • Their contact address: Chengdu cidian Internet Information Service Co., Ltd. 1st Floor, No. 746, Xishu Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, United States.
  • Phone number: +86 19650110626
  • E-mail address:
  • Working hours: Seven days a week from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Shipping information: They ship all over the world. After your order is processed successfully, your product will be shipped. It may take two days for processing.
  • Delivery information: It will take 10-15 business days for the product to reach you; it may also depend on the place you live.
  • Return Policy: You need to return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Payment methods: You can pay via Paypal only.
  • Refund Policy: Your credit will get refunded if the product is eligible for a refund. It may take around 15 days for the whole process.

These are the main specifications that are important to know about this website. Before going to gd chairs com reviews, let us see the benefits of buying from this store.


  • The collection of products is really good and vast.
  • There is a detailed description available for all the products, along with ratings and reviews.
  • All the contact information is made available, so it is easy to go for them in case of any issues.
  • High discount available.
  • Return and refund policies are comfortable for the buyers.


  • You can’t get your product shipped for free.
  • You can’t get a security or tracking number for the shipping process to be done securely.
  • Payment methods are not easy to agree with.

Is gd chairs legit?


We can’t say it is legit because they have provided the contact details and made it transparent. To conclude about legitimacy, let us also see few other valid points.

All the images used on the website are taken from the web, which is a big drawback. Discount for every product is high, like 45-60%, which is too good to be true. These are the drop-down points, along with the fact that the trust score it holds is 0%.

What are gd chairs com reviews by customers?

There are reviews available for each product. But we found out that all of them are written from May 2021 to June 2021. Though all of them are positive testimonials praising their website, there is no feedback over the web or their social media handles. 


This makes us suspect that paid writers write reviews to make people believe them.

Final Verdict

Considering all the facts about this six-month website, we may say that this website is not considerable. They might have used the pictures of their furniture production if they are true manufacturers. So take safety concerns if you still want to buy.

Please share with us what you think about this.

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