This article will help you to know the reviews and the website legit or not. Online shopping provides us the convenience of shopping 24 hours a day while sitting at home. It is a fast and easy method and saves us the trouble of going around and searching in various shops and markets.

The website is an online shopping place for household items residing in the United States. It offers you the latest trending products and comes under the retail sector. Purchasing new household items or accessories enchants the atmosphere of your house. This article will help you gain more knowledge about the products and services offered by the website.

What is

From the above information, it is clear that is an online marketplace for household items and other needed accessories. The website offers you various designer and currently popular products that will improve the appearance of your house and make it more look more attractive. 

The site is active in the United States and was recently created. It claims to provide you with good quality products, and all will cost under $100. The website is accessible to adults and guarantees to protect your privacy. 

The information you give to the website is not sold or shared with any third party. You will have to follow the terms and conditions like they won’t be held responsible for any breach or loss before accessing the website.

Detailed Information

• Home material- Various accessories and daily needed materials like stands, scissors, tables, chairs, etc., are available here at affordable rates.

• Storage baskets and Hampers- Storage baskets of different shapes and sizes made up of different materials like that of jute are available here. You can also find gift hampers here.


• Payment Method- You can make payments using VISA credit cards, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit cards. You can also use PayPal as a payment gateway.

• You need to register before accessing the website. The user must be 18 or above for the same.

• Social media- Not much information is available about its social media handling to confirm reviews.


• URL-

• Contact Address- 2904 N, Partridge Hollow Drive, Janesville, WI, 53548

• Country- United States

• E-mail Address-


• Phone Number- (608) 290-1069

• Contact name- Jody Sayre

• Industry- Household items

• Sector- Online retail

• Delivery time- It will depend on your delivery destination.

• Order cancellation- Cancel requests will only be accepted before the shipping of the product.

• Return of the Product- Return, or exchange requests can be placed within 30 days from the date of purchase.


• Refund- If a refund is applicable, it will be processed within a few days after receiving the product back.

Pros of

• You get various household products at one place and that too under 100.

• The products are not too big, so the transportation is easy.

• The website is using the Zencart platform.

Cons of

• The website was recently created, which means it is unpopular

• reviews are mostly negative.

• Even though the site is a United States resident, it is governed by China.

Is legit?


The website has gained a trust rating of 58.1 which means that the website is active but is mediocre. The site follows the rules and regulations of another state while being a part of another state. This means that the site is suspicious, and there are chances of fraud. 

The website doesn’t show any social media information for staying in contact, while feedback are negative. From all this information, we can say that websites cannot be considered legit, as are chances of threat. It should be accessed by experienced users only. Reviews

The website claims to provide good customer service and wants to solve the problems faced by the customers as soon as possible, but the customers have expressed their disappointment in the reviews. 

The services provided by the website are unsatisfactory, and the website doesn’t even show its negative reviews online. Their refund process sometimes turns out to be a hassle, and some problems occur during the process. 

The website is not a good choice for purchasing household materials. You must approach the site only after checking the other details.


We can say that reviews are discouraging from the above information, and the website is not legit. There may be possibilities of fraud, and the website has failed to fulfill the customers’ needs and requirements. If you still want to use the website, you must do it at your with safety. 

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