Gourmia Air Fryer Toaster Oven Reviews


If you are looking to know about gourmia air fryer toaster oven reviews, your search ends here. This article provides you with a detailed review of this toaster cum oven which has been getting attention recently. Who doesn’t love to bake a pizza in the evening snack time? For this, we need the best toaster which consumes less time but makes it delicious.

Does Gourmia Air fryer fall in this category? It is a product that is manufactured in the United States but is shipped worldwide. Is it worth buying? What are the facilities it provides that other toasters won’t? Is it so time-consuming? How long does it last? We know you need answers to all these questions. So, we are here with it. Let’s move forward. 

What is a Gourmia Air fryer?

The Gourmia GTF7600 is a multi-function digital oven with preset modes for air fry, toast, bagel, broil, bake, cookies, roast, pizza, reheat, warm, slow cook, proof, dehydrate, fries, wings, and snacks. 

These are the items that you will find inside the box:

  • Gourmia GTF7600 oven
  • Oven rack (in the middle of the oven)
  • Crumb/drip tray (in the bottom of the oven)
  • Baking tray (left)
  • Fry basket (right)
  • Info card, manual, and cookbook (on top of the oven)

Along with specifications and features of this toaster, we will see gourmia air fryer toaster oven reviews. 


  • Length: 15.75″
  • Width: 15.14″
  • Height: 13.38″
  • Cord length: 39″
  • Oven temperature range: 80 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Oven timing range: 1 minute – 72 hours
  • Capacity: 0.7 cubic feet, up to a 12″ pizza, up to six slices of bread
  • Power requirement: 120V 60Hz
  • Cooking power: 1,550W

Before going for gourmia air fryer toaster oven reviews, we will see the design of this toaster. 

How is the Gourmia Air fryer oven designed?

The oven is covered in stainless steel and has a large glass window integrated into the door. It should fit nicely into most kitchens. This is not a tiny toaster oven. At over 15-inches square and above 13-inches high, it takes some grave counter space. 

It seems to be designed to sit on the counter 100% of the time, as it would completely dominate any cabinet you were to shove it into.


The door is hinged at the very bottom, allowing the door to fully open, giving you easy access to the inside. 

The images show the crumb/drip tray installed below the lower heating elements and the oven rack installed in the upper location. 

There are two rack locations available, and the cooking guide tells you which to use for each cooking style. Here is the rack in the lower slot. 

The fry basket is designed to install on its own without the oven rack. The display lights up blue when ready to set. To set the oven, you use a combination of the setting dial and five buttons.

How to use the oven?

  • MENU: This brings you to the setting mode where you choose the style of cooking
  • CONVECTION: Turns the conversation fan on/off in cooking modes where that is an option
  • TEMP/SHADE: This allows you to change the cooking temperature or toasting shade
  • TIME/SLICES: This will enable you to change the cooking time or number of toasting slices
  • DIAL: Spin to choose the cooking style, change temperature, shade, time, and slices
  • START: Starts cooking or cancels cooking; once cooking starts, the display changes to orange and pertinent information is displayed.
  • SETUP: There isn’t much set up to do as it is ready to use right out of the box.

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What all can you cook with it?

Most air fryers are drawer-style, meaning your food gets shoved into a cavern, never to be seen until cooking ends. This is a bright spot for the Gourmia design. I could look in the large window and catch a glimpse of my tots, ensuring they weren’t overcooking. When the cooking was completed, the oven beeped again and turned off. 

What more it offers you?

  • Air frying
  • Dehydration
  • Toasting
  • Pizza making
  • Bagels cooking
  • Cookie making

Apart from this, it can also be used for baking mode and general cooking mode. Coming to the cleaning part, the interior surfaces were wiped up nicely, and the window was cleaned up easily. The trays and baskets were cleaned well in the sink and dishwasher. 

They included a 60-page cookbook that comes with many exciting ideas for creative chefs. The recipes use the air fry, bake, and dehydrate modes.

What are gourmia air fryer toaster oven reviews?


On our investigation about this toaster, we got numerous responses. Most of them say that it is effortless to use while giving the most crispy and delicious food. They clear out that it works best for toasting, baking, and dehydrating purposes too. 

People from the United States admire most about the glass window, which facilitates the best way to keep an eye on the process that it toasts or bakes. So far as the reviews are concerned, they reveal it’s the best-valued product in the market. 


After seeing gourmia air fryer toaster oven reviews, we may say it does a great job without heating the whole kitchen. The capacity is perfect for one or two people. You can buy it either from Amazon or best buy at $189.99 and $144.99, respectively.

Do you still have any doubts regarding this product? Mention us in the comment section below; we would love to hear. 

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