Guppedantha Manasu Serial Today Episode in Samayam


Are you looking for the Guppedantha Manasu serial today episode in samayam? Then, we are here with another episode with this article. Lately, the serial is getting all the attention from people and is known to be the most-watched serial after Karthika Deepam, from both the Telugu states.

Today, the serial entered to 257th episode, and it is giving more interest to its viewers day by day. While some love Vasu’s ambitions and the importance she gives to moral values, some become fans of Rishi’s attitude. With this, the serial is making the views glue themselves to the televisions. So, let us see a quick recap of Yesterday’s episode and see what happened today!

Did Rishi admire Jagati in Yesterday’s episode?


If Rishi ever says, ‘Reason for my success is my mom.’ Surprisingly, in Yesterday’s episode, he uttered these words in front of Jagati herself. But, as the twist goes in Guppedantha Manasu serial today episode in samayam, he refers to Devayani by the word mom. 

With this, Vasu and Jagati get utterly disappointed, and we can see Jagati’s tears also. While this happened in Rishi’s cabin, there is a different story running at Rishi’s home when everyone is in college. 

Feeling as a duty, Dharani asks her mother in law, if she needs coffee. Revealing her natural behavior, Devayani scolds Dharani, ‘The one thing you can do in life is making coffee. Being my daughter-in-law, you should be more efficient in other aspects also. You should use your brain and know what is happening outside.


With this, she indirectly means she should tell her about Jagati and Vasudhara secretly to plan well and hurt them both. 

Will Dharani take advantage of Devayani’s words?

As she brought up the topic, Dharani raised a question. She asks Devayani, ‘If you are angry and against Jagati attayya, it is ok. In reality, you also know how polite vasu is!’ but why are you showing that on Vasu and blaming her that she is trying to trap Rishi? 

For this, Devayani gets furious and, with an angry bird face, scolds Dharani to leave. Dharani smiles inward.

What is Guppedantha Manasu serial today episode in samayam?


Yesterday’s episode yet again ends with sadness. It seems like there are no good days for Jagati. She feels guilty for leaving Rishi at such a young age; on the other side; she feels sad as Rishi treats Devayani as his mother and admires her that ‘She is the lady behind his success.’ She can’t take it to heart when Rishi describes how his childhood is without a mom.

For his unexpected behavior, Vasu gets angry, and at the same time, she hates Rishi for his words. She knew he was intentionally trying to hurt Jagati. After college, Rishi asks Vasudhara if he can drop her at home. She denies with anger, and says ‘I am not a deserved person to talk to you.’ And she goes with Sirish.

Rishi doesn’t like Vasu to go with him. So he plays a tactic saying that ‘Vasu, I need you on a mission education project. We need to see the location of educulture program. If you want to go with Sirish, then you can take leave from mission education permanently.’ Guppedantha Manasu serial today episode in samayam ends here.

What’s the upcoming episode about?


Though Vasu knows Rishi’s intention of offending her, she agrees to him and waves a bye to Sirish. On the other hand, Sirish gives his word saying he can take complete responsibility for the program.

Unlike in today’s episode, A ton of fun is waiting for you in the next episode. As Rishi and Vasu reach the location of function, she asks if she can eat corn. When Rishi says no, she starts explaining the nutrient values in it, in Vasu’s way. Rishi laughs and funnily vows to her. The episode continues.


In the Guppedantha Manasu serial today episode in samayam, Rishi offends Jagati by referring to Devayani as his mother. Later, Jagati shares this sad incident with Mahindra.

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