Hdprotectionplan.com — Reviews By Customers [March 2023]


In this article, you will get to know complete details about hdprotectionplan.com and let you know whether it is worth your trust or some venture created to suck your money. The best investment one could ever make in their life is in-home and its appliances right.

In the United States, it is essential to have protection for your home and the appliances you brought to decorate and fill your home with. Ahead here, you will get to know about one such platform that promises to provide a protection plan and give you insurance for your products. 

Let us know this in a detailed manner and decide how safe it is to buy things from this website.

What is hdprotectionplan.com?


This is a private business venture meant to supply all types of home decors and home appliances needed if you wish to complete your newly built home with beautiful and look-good furniture. This is a significant investment and yet is worth it. 

No one wants to get betrayed in these things as we have to invest a lot in this, and this is just a one-time investment, maybe for the whole life. 

With the help of this virtual website, you will be able to get the best of appliances. This is one best thing. In addition to this, you will get a warranty of some random period based on your buying appliance. If any of them got damaged before the warranty period gets over, then there is a hundred percent chance that you will get the same product with the half price or even less.


This business got started in the year 1978, and it is only selling products and appliances at that time. But gradually, as their business profits grew up, they came up with this user-friendly idea and called it a Home Depot Protection Plan.

Let us now see the specifications of this website and move to see using the Warranty under the protection plan.


  • This website comes under two categories. One is an online store where you can buy home appliances. And the second one is that it is a protection plan providing the site for all your products.
  • You can easily access the website with this link: https://www.squaretrade.com/thd.
  • They serve only the people who reside in the United States.
  • There is no contact information available regarding customer care service.
  • No contact number is made available.
  • You can write them at: support(at)homewarranty(dot)com.
  • Payment gateways: They accept all types of card payment and Net banking, which may include Paypal mainly.

What is the process to use your Warranty?

When you purchase a product from hdprotectionplan.com, you will be given a receipt along with the payment confirmation details. The receipt is about the warranty period within which the protection plan is available. 


The protection plan tells you that if there is an issue with the purchase, it will be solved by the company’s free service. If the product is completely damaged, they will replace the product for half the cost you brought it. It should be noted that this is applicable only within the warranty period. 

  • If you had any issues, visit their website first.
  • Then select the category of the product that you want to file a complaint with.
  • After that, click on claim complaint.
  • Then fill in the basic details of the product.
  • Now you are asked to upload the picture of your receipt that is related to the product.

After this is done, it will be resolved within 10 business days.

Is Hdprotectionplan.com legit?

The company has a good name for its service for around 45 years now. There is not a single complaint that is related to fraud. Let us also see the opinions of people regarding this.

What do customers say?


You can see plenty of reviews on their website itself. Most of them say that this is the best venture to buy appliances from and appreciate themselves for reaching this. 

Final Verdict

For hdprotectionplan.comthere is a valid trust score of 93%, which reveals that the website is undoubtedly considerable. But it is better to take some safety concerns and proceed further as everything is done online.

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