Home Depot Craftsman Tool Box Giveaway


Heard about Home Depot craftsman tool box giveaway? Who doesn’t like getting quality products at a low price or any freebie? But is it safe, find out now?

Many people are getting text messages of giveaways from a well-known brand. In this article, we will get you out of any predicament.

There are hundreds of phishing scam texts getting circulated in the United States. We must get vigilant and understand the difference between authentic and fraudulent emails. Read further to know more.

What is Home Depot?


It is an online portal dealing in fashion and lifestyle products like automotive, cleaning, Exercise equipment, furniture, home décor, lighting, outdoor living, lumber, playground/ safety items, work wears, and home products.

They have maintained a diverse combination of product lines for every culture at affordable prices and good quality. Continue reading to know more about the Home Depot craftsman tool box giveaway.

They bring in hot trends to catch attention at factory prices and provide excellent customer service. Many big brands have collaborated with them and, you can find their products at highly discounted rates.


Some brands you can shop:

  • The Company Store
  • Blinds.com
  • Home Decorators Collection
  • Hampton Bay
  • Husky
  • Lifeproof
  • Glacier Bay
  • Everbilt
  • StyleWell
  • HDX
  • Vigoro
  • TrafficMaster
  • Defiant
  • Ecosmart
  • Home Accents Holiday
  • Legend Force

They have partnered with various manufacturers and allow many retailers to buy wholesale products for their business. You must visit their platform to look at their exquisite products collection.

You can also download their app from open sources and keep a tag on your wishlist. It is a bilingual interface so; you need to choose your preferred

About Home Depot craftsman tool box giveaway?

Many people are getting phishing emails under the company name Home Depot. They are trapping customers by alluring them with $100 cash.


These get created to scam potential users to believe in their claims and land on a suspicious website by clicking their link.

You will get asked to give some information to get the giveaway item. Once you click the link, you will get redirected to a fishy webpage that will introduce malware into your system and steal all information.

If you visit the official website through your browser, you will find no such giveaway present on it. It proves it is a scam.

How to identify scam emails?


We are supervising people on how to identify a fraudulent email. Read these further points:

  • The first thing you should look for is the email address used for sending the email. It may look suspicious.
  • Most phishing emails have lots of grammar mistakes.
  • They never use your name in the emails. But, refer to you as a customer. In Home Depot craftsman tool box giveaway, you will find it to be a United States competition.
  • The text has a sense of urgency to make you panic and fall into their tactics.
  • Messages are usually like “You have received a reward” or “Confirm your identity to access your prize”.
  • We suggest never using the links provided on any email to log in to your account. Always use your browser to visit the official website.

How to stay safe from these phishing emails?

Follow these guidelines to stay safe from phishing emails and texts like Home Depot craftsman tool box giveaway?

  • The mobile number used for sending the text is easily recognizable. Because it is not an official customer care number of any company.
  • In case of any confusion, you shall contact customer support to help you figure out if the email sent to you was legit or not.
  • Keeping an active antivirus is a must to protect you.
  • Scan your device to find any virus or other malware.
  • Please report any suspicious activity and emails to the authorities to prevent others from falling under these traps.


Home Depot craftsman tool box giveaway? In the above guidelines, you must have got a good idea of how to identify any scam messages. As per our analysis, there is no toolbox giveaway started by Home Depot.

Please share your experience with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you.

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