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Buying a property is always exciting for the buyers, but it may turn into a nightmare if the wrong decision is made. By bad decision, we mean by the properties that have a horrible history like a murder happened, a haunted place, former drug lab, etc. In this article, we will talk about a website that classifies such types of properties and called housecreep .com.

Some people might not find this helpful, but in the United States, this website is proving itself useful. Any decision we may for anything to be bought, we always check the history and properties to assure ourselves that the product purchased by us is the perfect one. The same goes for the houses. Everyone wants a beautiful home that is going to become a part of memories.

What is housecreep .com?


This website has called itself one of the top real estate online sites that provides information about the condemned houses. This is useful even for people who are into real estate businesses. Suppose there is any house that has been reported for paranormal activities or has encountered murders or suicides in the past. Such places are not considered for living.

This platform has changed the perspective of the readers. Nobody has thought before that any website could share this type of information. Although after becoming famous many people understood that such a platform was useful. Let us try to gather all the information found on the Internet in this article.


  • In the directory part, there is a list of country names to select
  • Login option is available on the top right corner of the website
  • There is also a part of articles shown on the website that contains information
  • Contact number not found on the website
  • The email address provided to contact is
  • Any other customer service option is absent on the website
  • A search bar is given to enter the city, location, name, or place
  • The Domain registration date is 29-03-2021
  • FAQ option is available for the users


  • The website is accessible for people over 13 years of age
  • The privacy policy for the information gathered from the user told to be secure
  • SSL encryption
  • The information shown is entirely based on news articles and crowdsourced
  • Email address is provided to contact
  • The information is shared with the images of the location


  • Unable to find the official page on Instagram
  • The page contains information not suitable for weak hearted people
  • It can be accessible to children under 13 years of age

Is Housecreep .com legit?


The domain age of the website is quite mature to be trusted. It contains information taken from trustworthy platforms and news articles. The users can find images and data-related properties and the data available on the Internet. 

It has also covered properties of other countries, but mostly the user can find the United States and Canada properties.

What are housecreep .com reviews?


The reviews can be found on Facebook. There are more than 600 followers, and the page does look active. There are shares of the posts mentioned on Facebook, and the viewers of the page look satisfied with the information shared by the page. 

The rating is 0 out of 5, reflecting on the page. The comments have mentioned that the users did found the helpful information.



After gathering all the information about this website in the above article, let us know what you think after learning about such a website that shares creepy information in a professional and news way. 

Feel free to write us your thoughts.

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