How to Activate the Mechanism in Genshin Impact


how to activate the mechanism in genshin impact? If you are trying to solve the Fujiwara Toshiko Puzzle quest, you might have doubts about it. First, let us see what the steps required to complete the activation mechanism are. 

Genshin impact is one of the most played virtual games in the United States, and it is known that the Toshiko puzzle three is trending in September month where you need to solve three puzzles by stepping on the plates in the right order. The trick to solve the puzzles lies in following the correct order of symbols, which is not known; the first suggestion is to look for the clues.

How to start the world Quest?

Relics of the Seirai quest can be easily solved once you find Fujiwara Toshiko. There will be three Hilichurls attacking her, so players have to defeat these enemies first. After defeating the three enemies, Fujiwara Toshiko will tell the Traveler that she’s looking for treasure. 


She asks the Traveler to protect her in future from the enemies, and in return, she will split the treasure for the Traveler. Then, Fujiwara Toshiko gives the Traveler a hint on how to obtain this treasure in a map showing a rotation of three symbols. It is the key to finishing the Relics of Seirai quest.

How to activate the mechanism in genshin impact?

As already stated, there are three steps to complete the genshin impact mechanism. 

  1. Activating the mechanism in relics of Seirai World Quest.
  2. Activating the mechanism in the Basement.
  3. Again Activating the mechanism in relics of Seirai world Quest.

Let us how to activate this three one by one:

Fujiwara Toshiko will head to the place containing the treasure, so players have to follow her and solve the first puzzle when the game begins. To do so, players need to know How to activate the mechanism in genshin impact.


Afterwards, the Traveler has to step on the symbols in the correct order. It doesn’t matter which symbol is activated first, as long as it follows the rotation. If this is done properly, a basement will open.

Activating the mechanism in relics of Seirai World Quest

The first step is to stand on the three pressure plates in the correct order. Step on the middle one first, then the one on the right, and lastly, the one on the left. 

Memorize these symbols and their order because they’ll be crucial in solving the rest of the puzzles—dropdown into the Basement that is now opened, and get ready for the first real head-scratcher.

The trick to completing the puzzle is to walk in a way that you always step on the three symbols in the order you did above: first, the one that looks like a “t”, then the one that looks like a “w”, and then the one that kind of looks like an “H.” To do that, you’ll need to walk in a spiral. Check out the screenshot below to see how to do it.

Activating the mechanism in Basement


In the Basement, there will be a similar puzzle, but larger. To complete it, people have to know “How to activate the mechanism in Genshin impact.” There are some important points to keep in mind when doing this:

  1. Each tile is only be stepped on once.
  2. Stepping on the tile after it lights up will cause the puzzle to fail, and players will have to redo it from the start.
  3. It doesn’t matter where the puzzle begins; as long as they play, they need to follow the symbol rotation.

Activating the mechanism again in World Quest

Even if you remember the steps in “How to activate the mechanism in Genshin impact,” it won’t help. To activate the Genshin Impact Relics of Serai mechanism again, you need to follow the same pattern. However, the order of the symbols on the floor has changed, making things a little more difficult. 

After finishing the first mechanism, the puzzle will change, and players have to activate the mechanism again. After doing so, the Common Chest will unlock, and Fujiwara Toshiko will take the treasure inside it.


However, Fujiwara Toshiko discovers that the Chest contains nothing except a single picture. Disappointed, she tells the Traveler that it is not possible to split the treasure. Therefore, she decides to pay the Traveler with something else instead.

Fujiwara Toshiko exits the Basement, and Treasure Hoarders’ll halt her. The Traveler has to defeat the enemies before continuing. Unfortunately, it seems Treasure Hoarders aren’t the only ones who want the treasure as players will also have to defeat a group of Samurai to protect Fujiwara Toshiko.


To activate the mechanism in Genshin Impact, you need to follow the three steps stated above and solve the three puzzles. Once you solve the puzzles, the treasure opens up.

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