How to Remove Negative Feedback on eBay


How to remove negative feedback on eBay– this is a question that would have crossed a seller’s mind on eBay at least once. Negative feedback can cost a seller her/his ratings. Lower ratings can affect the overall performance of your eBay account. So let us find out the solution.


The transactions between the buyer and seller can be bumpy sometimes. It can result in an adverse reaction from the buyer even after practicing the best-selling techniques. The United States-based sellers have put up this question for a secure and smooth transaction and performance of their accounts.

Read the article till the end to know how to remove negative feedback on eBay.

eBay and its functions


eBay is a multibillion-dollar corporation and an e-commerce giant on the Internet. Founded in 1995, this United States-based website offers a C2C and B2C business model. eBay has a wide range of goods listed by many sellers across the world. The sellers are charged a small fee to list their items on eBay after a few free listings and also charged when an item they listed gets sold.


Buyers can behave differently to requirements of goods, shipping, and prices. A small mistake from the seller’s end can result in negative feedback, which no one likes to receive. The overall performance of a seller is determined by the total feedback one receives. So the significance of negative feedback is a crucial deciding factor. One can always look up how to remove negative feedback on eBay.

If a single dissatisfied buyer sends negative feedback, the score remains negative. eBay supports a two-way feedback system. Sometimes, the only option left with a seller is to describe your situation to the buyer. If a buyer has mistakenly left a negative response, the sellers can contact eBay and ask for its removal in case of a feedback violation.

How to remove negative feedback on eBay?

  • The feedback ratio of each seller is determined using the previous feedback data of the past year. This duration is decided because a seller’s performance from the past 5 years will not be much handy for her/his present performance’s evaluation as he/she can make significant improvements in this period.
  • If you request feedback revise from your buyer and the latter party agrees, do not forget to thank them. This revision procedure can be carried out on the website itself.
  • If a seller’s ratings lower due to receiving negative feedback, the algorithm automatically decreases their visibility in the search results.
  • If you are searching for an answer to this question, you have landed on the right web page. Read on!
  • The answer is- It depends on the kind of situation you are facing with the buyer. But for most cases, yes, you can.
  • Always communicate with your buyer first to deal with neutral or less negative feedback. This is the easiest and most common option a seller goes for in a negative feedback situation. If you receive intended negative feedback, you can again communicate and apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the transaction to the buyer.
  • You can also ask eBay to intervene manually in your matter with the buyer. If the buyer provides a wrong eMail ID and cannot be contacted or receive negative feedback but the transaction for the item has not been made from the buyer’s end, you can approach eBay as a call to intervention. eBay generally responds to such matters within 48 hours of the request.
  • eBay can consider the situations mentioned above to remove the negative feedback of a seller. The website also considers the negative feedback due to technical errors and draws them on immediate notice.
  • When eBay recognizes negative feedback that violates eBay’s feedback policy, it takes immediate steps to check and remove it from the seller’s profile.



Engaging in this procedure of removal of negative feedback from your account can be exhausting, but keeping calm during this can help you maintain your ratings on eBay. You can always apply a new strategy to enhance your performance on eBay. Do not let the negative feedback affect you and your account.

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