Is AFC Richmond a real team


Is AFC Richmond a real team? Are you a football fan? Do you want to know about them, then you have reached the correct article? Ted Lasso is a show filled with controversies and much drama. The series is so realistic that people often wonder that this team is real or not. We will discuss the credibility of this team and tell you if it’s a real team. 

Football is a famous game in the United States. The AFC team is a part of the Ted Lasso show. They play the championship of the English football league. Read further to know more.

What is AFC Richmond?

AFC Richmond is a team in a show by Apple TV series. It is in London and a fictional professional football team competing in English League Championship. 


The qualities that makes surprise what is AFC Richmond a real team is:

  • AFC Richmond found in 1897.
  • Rupert Mannion launched the team but, the ownership got transferred to his wife after the divorce.
  • Their nickname is The Greyhound and, owned by Rebecca Welton.
  • Rebecca sacked George Cartrick and searched for a new leader to turn the club’s lackluster season around.
  • Ted Lasso got appointed as the coach and manager of the team.
  • The show is named Ted Lasso, as it exhibits his story.
  • They played in the EFL Championship league from 2019-20.
  • Their jersey has a blue shirt with red designs. It is pair with white-colored shorts.
  • The crest has graphics with greyhounds outlined with red color. It also consists of the establishment year and club name.
  • Their home stadium is at Nelson Road and, they played their first match in 1887.
  • They have launched much merchandise for the fans of the show in the United States.

Is AFC Richmond a real team?

No! AFC Richmond team is a fictional team. It is a part of the show Ted Lasso who is an American coach and manages the team. Jason Sudeikis plays Ted. The series is by Apple and has received good ratings from many open sources. 

The series revolves around the football team and, this may make you wonder if it’s a real team. Season 1 opens with Ted lasso as a new coach for the team. Rebecca is trying to sabotage their reputation to get revenge on her cheater husband. 

Ted tries to build the team with the help of its captain and star player. Rebecca wants them to get kicked out from the premier league. They have launched the second season and, fans are thrilled to know what happens next.


The production has spent a good amount detailing every aspect of the team and made it persuasive enough to make people wonder if it’s a fictional club. 

They have shot in parts of London stadiums. Both seasons film at the Eagles’ Selhurst Park football ground. It makes the show and team endearingly realistic.

Who is Ted Lasso?

Ted lasso is the lead character of the show who is trying to maintain the AFC Richmond reputation. His loyalty and goodwill are what make people trust him. In the first season, the team deals with several tragedies, and the second one is about attaining their reputation back. 


He has created an illusion to make it seem like a real team. They have designed the jersey by using Crystal Palace as their muse and released various merchandise like mugs, caps, t-shirt, and stickers for their fans all over the globe. It makes people wonder is AFC Richmond a real team?

Ted shot in Crystal Palace to create a palpable look. They even made the Eagles beat AFC in the show. He knows that most people are not familiar with English soccer in the US and, he has used this to his advantage. 

Jason Sudeikis excellently plays the role of Ted, and Hannah Waddingham plays Rebecca.



Is AFC Richmond a real team? They are a part of the fictional show and received popularity from fans. The show has an 8.8/10 rating on IMDb and 95% on rotten tomatoes. 

It is a must-watch for all soccer fans. They have given 4.9/5 stars and stated it to be a series packed with drama and thrill.

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