Is Blueacorn ppp Loans Legit


Applying for a loan and securing it successfully can be a very tedious task. So here we are to review whether is Blueacorn PPP loans legit or not to make your life much easier and securing a loan less of a nightmare.

With many new start-ups, small businesses, and independent enterprises coming up in the United States, it is important for them to successfully receive proper funding to survive the competition in the market. Blueacorn assists with that. Read further to know more.

What is Blueacorn?


Blueacorn has a team of experts that helps people, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals secure the financial assistance they deserve to lead their businesses to new heights.

They provide their expertise to help them with the application process for the loan and partner with the banks to secure it successfully for the customers.

They’re here to help the customers at every way of the process but are Blueacorn PPP loans legit?


  • Contact Address – They are based in the United States and do not have any specific contact address mentioned on the website.
  • Customer Care Number – The customer care number provided on the website is (833)321-1320.
  • Email Address – This information has not been provided on their website. You need to fill in the details online, and they contact you.
  • Payment Method – This is a free website where there is no application fee.
  • Category of the Website – They offer services to help with the PPP loan paperwork compilation and successfully securing a loan.
  • Delivery Time of the loan – This is subject to the conditions and circumstances. Some funds have been passed in 10 days, and some take over a month to execute.

Pros of Blueacorn

  • They work relentlessly to help customers do the paperwork correctly to maximize their chances of securing loans.
  • They help entrepreneurs to secure the funding and financial assistance they deserve
  • They aim to work to encourage small business in the United States
  • They do not cost any fee to apply for PPP loans from business owners or independent contractors.
  • They have a FAQ section on the website where they address all queries very effectively.

Cons of Blueacorn

  • No contact address, email address, or customer care number is provided on the website.
  • However, it is available for users living within the United States itself.

Is blueacorn PPP loans legit or not?


We did thorough research on their entire website and their social media handles. After exploring the extensive network on the website, we read several user reviews who have received their loans and funds successfully with their assistance.

They have mentioned on their website to have partnered with a certified SBA Lender who facilitates all PPP loans directly with the SBA and the Federal Reserve. They have successfully reduced numerous SBA-approved loans and continue to help people get the funds they deserve. 

They claim to be 100 percent safe and use 256-bit secure Encryption technology to keep the user’s financial information safe. All the details provided by them make us believe their legitimacy.

What is blueacorn PPP loans review by the clients?


We read various responses on the reviews section on their website, where users have highly appreciated their services and lauded their effectiveness. In addition, many users have shared the stories of how they received their funds and feel satisfied with being associated with them.

They have tens of thousands of such reviews on their websites. Still, we rely on them as we cannot blindly trust their authenticity, so we did our research to discover more user reviews and stumbled upon a few where the users have complained about their customer services’ lack of response to the grievances.

Some customers complained about the delay in the time of receiving loans, but they ultimately received them. There may be a few areas where the company needs to improve so that the confusion of whether it is blueacorn PPP loans legit has been answered positively.



Even though they have been in existence for some time now, they still need to work on their customer services as per the response. However, the work they are doing by supporting start-ups is appreciable. Anyone can avail of their services for any assistance, but we would recommend doing a thorough examination at your end before making any decision. 

We hope you liked the article, so what you think is blueacorn PPP loans legit, please do share your thoughts with us.

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