Is Bright Lending Legit


Is bright lending legit? There is a huge need for loans in small interests. And our article is for those looking for such an online website.

Bright lending is an online platform for those interested in borrowing money on small interest rates. Various websites start functioning to provide the best quality services to their customers, and you can find several different brands offering the same services on their portal.

In all these different options, you need to examine the interest rate, duration, company policy. After knowing all these threads of a complaint, you need to compare one to another to find the best. We focus on bright lending and let you know it’s a fact.

What is bright lending? 

Bright lending is an online website that helps you provide short-term loans from tribal lenders. The maximum limit to give the loan is ten months, and however, this company didn’t have the option to pay within one month.


However, this service is similar to paying the next day. The significant difference is you have to pay the interest rate the next day in the second option, but in bright lending, you have the opportunity to pay it within the next ten months. 

This company is a part of the American Indiana tribe. This company presented it as an excellent substitute for payday loans. But the truth is their APR is much higher than the payday loan. Now, the question is bright lending legit or not?

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What are the procedures to apply for loans on bright lending?

The process of loan application is the easiest one to understand. 

  • Firstly, you need to go to the bright lending website.
  • After visiting the website, click on the request for a loan.
  • After clicking request a loan, there will be some important details which you need to fill. 
  • You need to fill in your name, address, mobile number, social security number, desired loan amount, government registered id, income information, if you rent or own your place, savings account information, including account number and routing number.
  • After providing all this information, you need to wait for their approval. Once approved from their side, you are ready to go for the loan sanctions process.

Hopefully, this application process seems easy to you. We will shortly disclose if it is bright lending legit or not.

What are the positive points about these bright lending loan programs?

  • The application process is straightforward and effortless. You can easily apply through their official website.
  • You can get the fundings within one business day, which is faster than any other program.
  • In this company, you do not have to pay any prepay penalties.
  • You can get a small number of discounts when you sign up.

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  • The APR rate of this company is higher than any other company.
  • You need to pay fees late according to their company policy.
  • The loan amount is meager.
  • Sometimes the fund amount is lower and insufficient.
  • This service is not available in all states of America.


Apart from the is bright lending legit, we have to pay attention to bright lending’s terms and conditions.

  • The bright lending loans range between $300 and $1,000.
  • The loan term is ten months, no matter how much you borrow.
  • Payment schedules are created based on the individual’s pay cycle.
  • The choice between manual or automatic payments.
  • 700% to 725% APR for new customers.
  • 500% to 625% APR for returning customers.
  • Late charges occur after accounts are five days past due. This charge is equal to 10% of the payment due.
  • Non-sufficient funds/returned item fee of $30.
  • No collateral is required.

Is bright lending legit?

Is bright lending legit? According to our analytical studies, this website is safe and legit. We portray some facts here which justify our opinion.

  • This company has been running its business for the past few years.
  • Bright lending websites portray all crucial information about all company policies.
  • They have their social media website and newsletter to provide new updates to their customers.
  • We mark this company legit with a 75% trust score.

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What is the customer’s opinion on bright lending?

We get various positive responses from the customers.

Sally said,

“This website is trustworthy but the price rates are very high.”


Robin said, 

“I take loans from this website. The services are good but I have to pay extra interest rates.”


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 75% 
Social media presence Yes  
Customer opinion Yes   

We cover all essential facts. This website is legit, but somehow it affects your financial condition because you have to pay more than you borrow. If you want to try this out, go to the site and apply

You can share your views on is bright lending legit in the comment section below and let us know about your thoughts.

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