Is Cricut Clearance Legit


Is Cricut clearance legit? Have you been searching for Cricut products at affordable prices? You have reached the correct destination.

People of the United States love to make art and crafts. 

Cricut is the brand that helps you find the best cutting machines for it. But this brand has some imposter stores too. In this article, we will help you analyze this new website to make an informed decision about them.

What is Cricut clearance?


Cricut is an American company for home crafters that makes computer-based cutting machines. These machines are for art and craft for cutting paper, fabric, leather, and other materials. Their products are also available on various prominent platforms like Amazon. 

Cricut is an online store selling Cricut products at low prices by putting up a clearance sale. It provides a creative outlet and a tool for self-expression to connect with others. 

But they have no affiliation with the official manufacturers, and they are authorized sellers of the brand, which makes us doubt them. They are selling the products at a 70% discount and low prices. Before purchasing from this website, showing red flags, know if it is Cricut clearance legit or not.


  • Contact Address – Not provided
  • Customer Care Number – Not provided
  • Email Address – You can email them by visiting the contact us page. 
  • Payment Method – Payment methods include Credit or debit cards, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, PayPal.
  • Category of the Website – They are currently dealing in various cutting machines of the brand circuit.
  • Delivery Time – The delivery time of their product usually takes about 5-10 business days to get delivered. It can take a long time according to your location.
  • Return of Product – They offer a good refund service.
  • Shipment Process – They send a tracking ID to you after you place your order.
  • Delivery method – They offer standard Shipping.


  • They are selling computer-operated cutting machines by a well-known brand Cricut.
  • The heavy discounts and affordable prices make their products accessible to everyone.
  • The website has a detailed description of all its products with various pictures to help the customers.


  • The customer care service is very under satisfactory and delayed.
  • They have not authorized the seller of the brand Cricut.
  • No contact information is provided on their website.
  • They lack SSL encryption and cannot be trusted to share your personal and financial details.
  • It was created two months ago; therefore, it has no traffic and user base.

Is Cricut clearance legit? 


Cricut is high risk and newly created suspicious website. It was created on 21 June 2022; therefore, it has no clout and slow traffic. The website has many red flags and looks like many other websites selling Cricut products at low prices. 

We went through their entire website and comprehensive analysis of their terms and policies. It lacks many important aspects like contact information, reviews, and SSL encryption.

It has a low trust score of 0.7% that implies the website has low trust and reliability. Customer feedback suggests the unreliability of the platform. Therefore, we are not confident about its authenticity and recommend our readers use the official Cricut website to buy their products.

User review?


Cricut clearance has no review section on the platform. We also searched for customer feedbacks on open sources. But couldn’t find any authentic reviews because the domain is very young. They lack social media handles so that no user would be able to tag them as a scam.

There are many scam websites with similar names selling Cricut products without any affiliation with the brand. These websites take your money but fail to deliver any product at your location or send fake products of bad quality. 

This website is unprotected and, your credit card information can be stored and used later on. If you have shared your information with them before, make sure to contact your bank. Is Cricut clearance legit? We do not have enough information to pass any judgment. 



People of the United States, being tricked by such fraudulent portals. The trust score and other factors suggest the domain is a scam. We are not confident is Cricut clearance legit and recommend our readers to stay away from such a deceitful website. 

You may use the official website of Cricut to buy their products or, you can also visit Amazon.

Social media presenceNo
Trust score0.7%
Customer reviewsNo
SSL encryptionNo

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